The flow of the world’s information has never been controlled by so few. Giant tech companies such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft have become gatekeepers for the world’s information. 

Even in blockchain, centralized cloud services like Amazon Web Services power the overwhelming majority of Web3’s architecture

But with the launch of Filecoin, the decentralized file sharing service, there’s now a genuine alternative. Filecoin’s promise is to allow anyone across the globe to rent out hard drive space to anyone else, and earn tokens for their trouble. 

“Filecoin really brings for the first time the ability to have a large-scale application to be fully Web 3.0-native, so you can do things like video streaming or entire social networks, those kinds of applications are now possible in a Web 3.0 environment,” says Protocol Labs CEO Juan Benet. 

You’re invited to an exclusive online discussion on November 19, 2020 with the Filecoin team about the project’s launch, its roadmap and what the future might hold for the decentralized file-sharing network. 

Speakers at the Around the Campfire event include: 

To sign up, simply click on this link and you’ll be able to register your details. We’ll be hosting the video live on Decrypt, and Twitter. 

To recap 

When: 4 pm PST, Thursday, November 19 

Where: On Zoom 

How to sign up: Click on this link to register your details. 

Around the Campfire is an intimate online salon featuring crypto’s biggest names. If you’re interested in working with the Decrypt team on hosting a salon around your project, get in touch

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