In brief

  • SatoshiLabs, the firm behind the Trezor line of hardware wallets, has launched Trezor Suite.
  • The new desktop client features security, privacy, and usability improvements.
  • Trezor wallet owners can now manage their funds using the desktop app and benefit from more advanced portfolio tracking features.

SatoshiLabs, the parent firm behind the Trezor line of cryptocurrency hardware wallets, has launched a desktop client known as Trezor Suite.

As per a recent blog post, Trezor Suite is designed to improve the Trezor user experience by providing a more consistent experience across both desktop and mobile platforms. The new desktop application offers improvements in three key areas: security, usability, and privacy.

It eliminates the risk of phishing attacks by allowing users to manage their funds without using their internet browser and also features a number of user interface improvements to help make managing cryptocurrencies a simpler task. This includes a new account and coin management system and improved hidden wallet (i.e. passphrase) management tools.

Trezor Suite
Trezor Suite provides more detailed portfolio information. (Image: Trezor)

Users can now use Trezor Suite to run a Bitcoin full node, improving transactional privacy by letting users broadcast their own transactions and participate in transaction validation. Trezor has also added a simple discreet mode for an additional layer of privacy and plans to implement Tor support soon.

“With Trezor Suite, we would like to unify the Trezor experience across your devices, starting with this desktop version, to allow more flexibility in how you use Bitcoin," said Marek Palatinus (Slush), CEO of SatoshiLabs, in a press release.

Prior to the release of Trezor Suite, hardware wallet users would need to connect their Trezor device to a computer running the Trezor Bridge app and the associated Trezor Wallet browser plugin. Now users will have the choice to use either a standalone desktop application through Trezor Suite or the older browser app.

Trezor's new desktop wallet features a similar design to Ledger Live—a competing desktop client offered by Ledger, the firm behind the Ledger Nano line of hardware wallets.

Trezor Suite is currently in public beta until around January 2021 and the team is currently soliciting feedback from the community to help build a better product. Trezor plans to release a mobile version of Trezor Suite sometime next year and will deprecate the old Trezor wallet plugin once the desktop wallet exits beta.


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