In brief

  • Three ATMs in Tesla sites appear to now allow Bitcoin purchases.
  • Elon Musk has initially suggested the story isn't true.
  • LibertyX have since confirmed the upgrade on social media.

A question of three Bitcoin ATMs—all at Tesla sites in Nevada and California—has stumped Twitter.

Will Reeves, CEO of Bitcoin rewards app Fold, tweeted Saturday that there is a Bitcoin ATM at a Tesla gigafactory. LibertyX, makers of Bitcoin ATMs, followed this up claiming that there are, in fact, three Bitcoin ATMs at three gigafactories across the US. And yet, Tesla CEO Elon Musk says otherwise. 


It appears that the confusion was created over the fact that the Bitcoin ATMs are not dedicated Bitcoin machines. Until recently they were just normal ATMs, according to LibertyX employee LibertyX_Chris on Reddit. Once the ATMs have been shipped, they can be upgraded to offer additional features, such as the ability to buy Bitcoin.

“Yup, it’s real. Three traditional ATMs that we’ve upgraded to also sell bitcoin. Only open to employees (and potentially visitors when they open up for tours again),” said LibertyX_Chris on Reddit. 

Now the ATMs offer Bitcoin with an 8% fee. The ATMs are buy-only for now, but this may also change in the future. “Hope to have an announcement on [selling Bitcoin] soon,” the LibertyX employee added

According to LibertyX CEO Chris Yim, the upgrade from traditional ATMs happened only a few months ago. This might explain why Musk is unaware. This is a man simultaneously building electric cars, digging a tunnel and sending cars to space, after all—although he does own 0.25 BTC himself.

Elon, 0.25 BTC isn't enough, and now that you can buy bitcoin from the 3 on-site Gigafactory ATMs, you don't even need to leave home,” LibertyX said on Twitter. 


But will he take a page out of Square’s book?

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