In brief

  • YouTube has permanently banned Bitcoin influencer Davinci Jeremie's account.
  • The decision is the latest in a strained relationship between YouTube and the crypto community.
  • Jeremie has shared YouTube's decision against him on Twitter in the hope of getting his account back.

Davinci Jeremie, a popular Bitcoin influencer on YouTube—with 82,000 followers—was permanently banned from the platform yesterday.

YouTube has made a habit of banning Bitcoin-related content on its platform in the past. YouTube has previously explained this away by appealing to algorithm mistakes, but repeated bans of crypto influencers and content creators have led to claims the video-sharing platform is anti-crypto. Even Jeremie himself has previously been hit by YouTube strikes, but this time, the damage is here to stay. 

“Oh my God, my YouTube channel got permanently deleted! This is not just a strike!” Jeremie tweeted yesterday.


The decision has already gained attention by the wider crypto YouTube community. Earlier today, crypto YouTuber Sunny Decree posted a video discussing Jeremie’s permanent ban. “With this episode, I’m trying to support him,” Decree said. 

Youtube tron ripple cryptocurrency
YouTube has banned a popular Bitcoin influencer. Image: Shutterstock.

Since the ban, Jeremie has tried appealing YouTube’s decision, albeit unsuccessfully. He shared a response from YouTube, which said, “We have decided to keep your account suspended based on our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.” 

Clearly unsatisfied with the email, Jeremie added, “I just hit you over the head with guidelines and not show you how you violated them because I don’t want to get sued.”

YouTube issued a response to Jeremie’s tweet via their @TeamYouTube account. They said they will do their best to provide more information to him if the decision is eventually upheld. We have reached out to YouTube for comment and we will update this article if we hear back. 

Other video-sharing platforms exist, and they might just benefit from the crypto community’s strained relationship with YouTube.


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