Youtube has purged more crypto videos, just weeks after admitting that an algorithmic error caused it to ban many videos and channels. Two more YouTubers have gone to Twitter to complain about further strikes after their channels were brought back to life.

Last month, following a mass deletion of cryptocurrency videos, the crypto community called Youtube out. The platform admitted that the deletions were a mistake, promised to reinstate the videos they removed "in error," and put the entire incident down to a mishap. Now, the same appears to have happened again, and one crypto YouTuber, dubbed That Martini Guy, is calling the platform out.

"STOP STRIKING MY CHANNEL!" he pleaded yesterday, in all caps, "THIS IS AN ATTACK ON CRYPTO YOUTUBE."


He wasn’t alone. On January 15, crypto vlogger Davincij15 tweeted a similar message, begging his followers to help. “So I got a strike today on my last live stream. This is clearly an error and with the strike, I am unable to stream or upload videos. Please LIKE & RETWEET to help reopen my YouTube channel,” he said.

Since then Davincij15’s strike has been removed but a warning remains on his channel. According to MMCrypto, this needs to be removed too for him to continue making crypto content without fear of losing his channel.

Crypto YouTuber Ivan On Tech told Decrypt, “YouTube is such an important platform for crypto and a natural place for community building. We love this platform. Unfortunately, the strike and appeal process is very non-transparent and Kafkaesque. It also feels unfair sometimes because creators need to create an uprising on Twitter to get YouTube’s attention. Small creators might not have that option.”

Ivan On Tech saw his platform disappear in the Christmas purge but it has since been reinstated. He realized that Twitter was one of the best ways to get the video streaming giant’s attention. Can tweeting save the day again?


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