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  • Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie, has signed an exclusive live-streaming deal with YouTube.
  • Previously, the content creator has partnered with blockchain streaming service DLive just over a year ago.
  • PewDiePie said he will be focusing on live-streaming in 2020 and beyond.

Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie, arguably the most famous gaming video creator in the world, has signed an exclusive live-streaming deal with YouTube, according to Variety.

The announcement comes just over a year after Kjellberg partnered with blockchain-based streaming service DLive, now owned by Tron CEO Justin Sun.

“YouTube has been my home for over a decade now and live streaming on the platform feels like a natural fit as I continue to look for new ways to create content and interact with fans worldwide,” Kjellberg said in a statement. “Live-streaming is something I’m focusing a lot on in 2020 and beyond, so to be able to partner with YouTube and be at the forefront of new product features is special and exciting for the future.”

Youtube's PewDiePie discussing Tron blockchain
PewDiePie is the individual with the biggest YouTube following, and he namedropped Tron. Image: Shutterstock.

YouTube previously ended its business deals with Kjellberg over his jokes that were deemed “anti-semitic” and “racist” by some vocal user groups and news outlets back in February 2017.

Sun has acquired three major companies in the last two years. But he has faced backlashes after acquiring each of them. After buying BitTorrent, he was sued for alleged labor violations and harassment.

Sun also bought Steemit, the front-end interface for the Steem blockchain. But its community revolted and ended up creating an entirely new blockchain, where Sun would have less control.

When BitTorrent bought DLive, Sun showcased the strength of its partnership with PewDiePie—which, we now know, proved to be short-lived. He can’t get a break, can he?



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