Andrew Tate promoted meme coin DADDY has flipped MOTHER, the token created by Australian rapper Iggy Azalea, according to DEX Screener. This was the goal that the former kickboxer, Tate, was gunning for when he first promoted the token.

“I’m supporting a coin called $DADDY to flip it for the patriarchy,” Tate posted on Twitter, shortly after first promoting it. “We’re bringing the Gs back make me a fucking sandwich females.”

The self-proclaimed misogynist went on a spree of tweets promoting the token, claiming that he’ll never sell but instead burn the 40% of the supply he holds in his public wallet.

In turn, the token broke a $200 million market cap midday on Wednesday, flipping MOTHER in the process which had a market cap of $192 million.


Shortly after this, the Iggy Azalea launched MOTHER token reclaimed a $200 million market cap. As the artist visited the New York Stock Exchange and Forbes published an article touting her as a “creator economy pioneer” the token shot up to a market cap of $212 million.

But this wasn’t enough to reclaim her spot as the top influencer token as DADDY continued to rise. Soon, it cruised past MOTHER’s all-time high market cap of $240 million and swiftly broke a $300 million market cap—peaking at $340 million. Meanwhile, MOTHER fell below $200 million.

Now, the Tate-endorsed token DADDY sits at a market cap of $256 million while MOTHER has fallen to $163 million. Tate, who is currently awaiting trial in Romania for alleged human trafficking and rape charges, took to Twitter to celebrate, claiming that he is “built different” and is “taking over.”


This all comes amid insider buyer claims rallied against the DADDY token. Crypto analytics startup Bubblemaps posted a series of Tweets which, they believe, shows that insiders bought 30% of total supply at the token’s launch on top of Tate being gifted 40% of the supply.

“One wallet selling could crash the liquidity,” the team posted.

Interestingly, similar claims were rallied against Azalea's token MOTHER from the analytics firm. In this case, they believe that 20% of the supply was sniped with these wallets already selling $2 million at the time of posting.

This happens against the backdrop of Tate’s trail for alleged human trafficking and rape in Romania—resulting in the influencer being barred from leaving the country.

In March, British authorities issued a separate arrest warrant for Andrew Tate and his younger brother, Tristan, on charges related to rape and sexual assault. Romanian authorities agreed to extradite the influencer only after the conclusion of his trial in their country.

Edited by Stacy Elliott.

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