A token tied to the Telegram-based clicker game Notcoin (NOT) has surged to over $2 billion in market cap in recent days, skyrocketing in price just weeks after its debut.

Airdropped in May to users for repeatedly tapping a digital gold coin in-game, Notcoin has risen 5% over the past day to $0.022, according to data from CoinGecko, further propelling a 219% gain over the last seven days. In the past two weeks alone, the cryptocurrency has rallied a whopping 300% amid users’ ongoing endeavors.

Released on The Open Network (TON), the game that had users fervently tapping away at their screens has emerged as the largest gaming-related token launched so far this year. It’s currently the 57th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, according to CoinGecko.

Over this past weekend, the price of Notcoin hit an all-time high above $0.028. At that moment, the cryptocurrency posted a market capitalization of $2.77 billion—a steep increase compared to the coin’s total value of around $565 million shortly after the airdrop in late May.


More than $4.2 billion worth of Notcoin has traded hands over the last 24 hours, per data from CoinMarketCap, with nearly $2.4 billion of that coming from exchange giant Binance. OKX was next up with $630 million in trading volume, followed by Bybit with about $436 million.

Last month, the project released “earnings missions” that let users earn NOT passively by completing certain tasks. In previous scenarios, Notcoin users completed actions—namely tapping—in hopes of receiving a one-time allocation of the cryptocurrency.

Meanwhile, The Open Network has seen its native token Toncoin (TON) rise as well. Adopted by messaging app Telegram as its “official Web3 infrastructure” last year, the coin linked to The Open Network has seen its price rise to $6.65 over the past 30 days, posting a 16% gain.

On Monday, Toncoin saw gains over the past day of 2.6%. Still, after being pushed out of its top-ten spot by market capitalization last week, Toncoin’s recent gains were enough to reclaim the spot at nearly $16 billion, which was previously held by Cardano. But they're still very close in market capitalization, as of this writing.


Edited by Andrew Hayward


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