Notcoin, the viral clicker game that had tens of millions of users fervently tapping a digital gold coin to earn crypto via Telegram, has launched a new type of mission that lets players passively earn crypto token rewards.

After conducting its NOT token airdrop via The Open Network (TON) last week, Not ranks as the largest gaming token launch so far in 2024–instantly reaching a market cap of nearly $1.5 billion.

Now, the token has settled around a $500 million market cap at a price of just under $0.005, and the Notcoin team is starting to roll out the next wave of in-game opportunities to earn more crypto.

The newest addition to the game are “earnings missions.” Earnings missions differ from previous tasks or quests players had to complete ahead of the token launch, as completing them lets users earn NOT tokens passively rather than through a one-time reward.


Notcoin's tutorial notes that these missions guide players through different communities, belonging to "partner projects," granting them tokens in return for learning about other crypto games and apps.

The NOT earnings are based on your in-game level. The higher your level, the larger the pool of potential NOT rewards. You can increase your level by staking Notcoin, and the amount of NOT you have staked at the end of every month determines whether you move up or down the ranks. The highest level, Platinum, earns players the most Notcoin tokens.

Sample screenshots from Notcoin's earning missions
Sample screenshots from Notcoin's earning missions. Image: Notcoin

Each partner mission includes tasks like following them on Twitter, joining their Discord, or downloading their app. At the moment, there are four missions available, including a tutorial, one for a project called TonGifts, and two for third-party crypto games that let Notcoin players earn more NOT by joining their respective communities and playing the games.

“300%+ APY now for Platinum [by the way] and we just started with four pools,” the team wrote in an official Telegram community. “The real annual percentage yield, not what others offer you for a week or so. And holy math, it works. Wow.”


Edited by Andrew Hayward

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