In brief

  • The Enjin Multiverse Program lets developers share digital assets between games.
  • Enjin envisions player-owned items that take different forms in compatible titles.
  • Chosen Multiverse creators will be provided tools, support, and promotion.

Following February’s debut of the “code-free” Enjin Platform, which allows game developers to implement Ethereum-based, in-game assets, Enjin has now launched a program to encourage interoperability of items between games from different creators.

The Enjin Multiverse Program is an expanded version of an initiative that first launched in August 2018. Back then, Enjin announced that six blockchain-based games would adopt the ERC-1155 token standard, allowing players to not only own tokenized digital items but then use them across all supported games.

Enjin’s example, as described in last week’s announcement, suggests that a user’s fantasy-themed sword in one game could become a “cyborg-slicing plasma laser” in a different studio’s sci-fi game, or “an ancient scroll unlocking an exclusive weapon-forging facility” in a steampunk-themed title. In other words, the silos that game worlds typically exist in would be toppled in favor of a shared, mutually-beneficial ecosystem.


“At Enjin, we believe in the power of collaboration and are passionate about helping game devs move away from being isolated, lonely islands,” writes Enjin’s Chris Skillicorn. “Joining an archipelago is way, way better. That's where the Enjin Multiverse Program comes in.”

Game developers can apply for the newly-minted program, which is open to games in all stages of development—even those that have already been released. Chosen creators will be granted access to multiverse assets, receive a free one-year subscription to Enjin Platform Pro, and be provided support and promotion from Enjin.

The goal is to bring more creators into the Enjin ecosystem, encouraging them to not only implement blockchain-driven assets with true player ownership, but to also work together with other studios on elements such as cross-game quests and shared promotional efforts.

The future of blockchain gaming is full of possibility, as developers from Ubisoft, Immutable, and CCP Games recently told Decrypt. But it could be some time before it catches on with a wider audience than just crypto enthusiasts. Enjin’s move with the Multiverse Program could be one step towards developing intriguing new experiences that truly leverage the power of blockchain.

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