In brief

  • Kriptomat, MakerDAO, and Enjin have collaborated for branded in-game content in Forgotten Artifacts.
  • Players can obtain a Dai-themed dragon pet via an in-game event.
  • The NFT is limited to 1,000 pieces; event begins Feb. 27.

To mark the addition of MakerDAO’s stablecoin Dai to crypto exchange Kriptomat, the companies have partnered with Enjin to create a branded promotional experience within blockchain game Forgotten Artifacts.

The partners collaborated to create an in-game scavenger hunt for Codebit Games’ dungeon-crawling role-playing game, allowing players to seek and obtain a limited Enjin non-fungible token (NFT) for flying dragon pet, DAInerys, Vaultborn.


Once obtained, the Dai-inspired dragon will fly alongside your hero in Forgotten Artifacts, seeking out hidden items in the environments for you to collect. The ERC-1155 NFT is limited to 1,000 pieces and can also be sold or traded, if desired. Additionally, Kriptomat will offer a 50% discount on the next purchase fee for Dai for users who have DAInerys in their Enjin wallet.

“Blockchain is a one-of-a-kind technology that, when used correctly, can create pathways of value through multiple platforms,” reads a Kriptomat blog post about the promotion. “It’s a bridge that can connect archipelagos of islands, turning our communities into continents, unlocking a multiverse of experiences.”

“Blockchain achieves this by allowing virtual items to be distributed and used throughout many different pieces of software simultaneously, connecting them as one,” the post continues. “This easily allows for exciting projects like MakerDAO, Forgotten Artifacts, and Kriptomat to collaborate in ways that were never before possible.”

Last week, Enjin announced the launch of its “code-free” Enjin Platform, providing game developers a web-based interface to create and manage in-game blockchain assets. Enjin’s aim is to help expand the inclusion of crypto assets in video games, even for developers who have not explored the complexities of blockchain coding.

The blockchain gaming space is gradually expanding and evolving, with crypto-infused games like Gods Unchained and My Crypto Heroes among the most intriguing options available today. Many more compelling games are on the horizon, including The Sandbox and Blankos Block Party, which look to deliver immersive worlds that benefit from true ownership of in-game items and spaces.


To participate in the Forgotten Artifacts promotion, Kriptomat users must have an Enjin wallet linked to their account. The site will distribute a Dai Play Key to every such user on February 27. Players must then locate the Dai coin within Forgotten Artifacts and then try to find DAInerys within the game’s dungeon before supplies run out.

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