Studio369, the studio behind the Ethereum-based mech shooter game MetalCore, announced the launch of its latest closed beta test on Tuesday that makes it the first playable title deployed on the new Immutable zkEVM scaling network.

The second MetalCore closed beta, running until April 22, will introduce new quests, the Barony system (the game's version of guilds), advanced customization, and other features.

MetalCore's native token, MCG, will also play a vital role in the game's economy and progression. The upcoming token will let players convert things like mechs, weapons, and vehicles into NFTs that can be equipped and used in the game. It will also let players “customize their gameplay and earn exclusive benefits and rewards,” according to a press release.

Studio369 will award players "marks" (akin to airdrop points) that can be converted to the MCG token once it is generated, enabling an airdrop of the upcoming token.


Immutable Games Chief Studio Officer Justin Hulog described the Immutable zkEVM mainnet launch of the MetalCore closed beta in a press release as a “big milestone for Studio369, as well as Immutable.” Immutable zkEVM launched its mainnet in late January.

"Partnering with Studio369 was an obvious choice for us,” he added. “As soon as we saw the quality of the game, coupled with the extensive credentials of Studio369, we were sold."


Immutable zkEVM, powered by Polygon’s zkEVM tech, is a next-generation layer-2 scaling network that enables cheaper and faster transactions than the Ethereum mainnet. The company’s Immutable X network is also focused on games, but zkEVM tech offers improved compatibility with the broader Ethereum ecosystem.

"We are immensely excited that MetalCore has become the first playable Web3 title built on Immutable zkEVM Mainnet, coinciding with the start of our second closed beta event," said Studio369 CEO Matt Candler, in a release.

In March, the studio announced a new $5 million investment round to help fuel the last push for the game, with plans to launch an open beta and the MCG token in May.

Editor’s note: This article was written with the assistance of AI. Edited and fact-checked by Andrew Hayward.

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