With its latest purchase of 12,000 Bitcoin, MicroStrategy has now amassed 205,000 BTC. The software company's Bitcoin treasury is worth approximately $14.7 billion at the current Bitcoin price.

The list of companies with publicly disclosed Bitcoin treasuries has been growing quickly. But it's hard to overstate just how dominant MicroStrategy has been in the realm of corporate Bitcoin stashes.

Its 205,000 BTC stockpile is more than is currently held by all of the other 44 companies tracked on Bitcoin Treasuries.

Keep in mind, that list includes every publicly traded Bitcoin miner, like Marathon Digital, Hut 8, and Riot Platforms. It also includes electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla, crypto exchange Coinbase, and payments firm Block, Inc. (which is helmed by Bitcoiner Jack Dorsey).


"We're buying it to hold it 100 years. That $66K to $16K crash—that shook out the tourists," MicroStrategy founder and chairman Michael Saylor said during a CNBC interview on Monday morning. "That shook out the non-believers. When it was 16K, we were all ready to ride it to zero. And that's what you'll find with the Bitcoin maximalists."

MicroStrategy now also has more Bitcoin than BlackRock's iShares Bitcoin Trust currently holds to back shares of its ETF. But MSTR would have to keep buying Bitcoin at a blistering pace to hold onto that honorific.

The company announced last week it was looking to raise $600 million to buy even more Bitcoin. But the offering went even better than the company anticipated. MicroStrategy, which trades under the MSTR ticker on the Nasdaq, said in its Monday SEC filing that there was so much demand for the offering it was "upsized to a total of $800 million."


MSTR shareholders seem to like the news. At the time of writing, the stock is trading for $1,504.42, up 6% from its previous close on Friday afternoon and 110% higher than it was this time last month.

MicroStrategy's share price has no doubt been helped along by the recent Bitcoin price rallies. Just this morning, Bitcoin soared past $71,000 and then $72,000 a few hours later—making it nearly impossible to decisively make a call on BTC's new all-time high price.

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