The Pixels browser game still plans to launch a PIXEL token, but the game’s founder wants fans to know that the token’s launch will not be a surprise—and to be wary of scammers.

“We will not surprise drop $PIXEL,” said the game’s founder Luke Barwikowski on Twitter (aka X). “Be very careful over the next couple of months. People will try to scam you. You will know when $PIXEL is coming—we’ll be noisy as hell during the lead up.”

According to a Discord screenshot detailing a response from the founder, gamers will have at least three days’ advance notice prior to any PIXEL token launch so that any players that currently have Ronin’s RON token staked will have time to “unstake” or unlock those tokens.

Across social media platforms and the internet, crypto scams have continued to be a pervasive problem. From bot commenters spamming crypto scams and fake airdrops in Twitter replies to fake gold checkmark accounts impersonating brands to scammers impersonating Decrypt, social media users and crypto traders alike have to be extremely vigilant online and avoid clicking on suspicious links. 


On top of that, crypto marketing teams that try to create a sense of mystery and surprise in an effort to create hype around their companies and products only contribute to this problem, as it makes it even more difficult to tell which launches are real—and which are elaborate scams.

But Barwikowski wants fans of his pixelated MMORPG to know that there won’t be any surprises—and any announcements that seem like surprises are likely scams unaffiliated with the game.

Pixels will eventually have two currencies for its game: BERRY and Pixel. BERRY is the game’s primary cryptocurrency and is already live on the Ronin blockchain. PIXEL, the game’s premium currency, has not been launched yet at time of writing. 


When it launches, PIXEL can be spent in-game to mint new land NFTs, accelerate build times, boost character energy, unlock experience (XP), crafting recipes, pets, and character skins, according to the game’s whitepaper. In contrast, BERRY is a “soft currency” that can be earned by selling resources collected in-game and can be used to purchase some in-game items.

Edited by Andrew Hayward

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