Following its launch in August on Gala Games, OneUniverse’s turn-based mobile battler Champions Arena is powering ahead with the addition of new NFT features and a bold plan to win over Web2 gamers to the world of Web3 gaming.

“Web3 is still a tiny crowd compared to the mainstream gamers of the world, and the last thing we want to do is alienate the majority of players who would enjoy the game by waving Web3 in their faces incessantly,” Gala Games’ President of Blockchain Jason “Bitbender” Brink told Decrypt. The solution, he said, is to create a game "that everyone can enjoy," before "gradually warming up the loyal Web2 player base to the idea of ownership by giving them a taste of its benefits."

It’s a strategy that’s played out well for the game; Decrypt’s review of Champions Arena called it “addictive,” and “casual-friendly,” with a “solid core gameplay loop” that had our reviewer hooked for hours. With well over a hundred characters, plus levels, individual attacks and spells, “there is a ton of strategy involved,” said Brink.

Once you’re ready to take the plunge into Web3 gaming, Champions Arena lets players segue smoothly into using NFTs. “All players have the option to play with minted NFT characters in all aspects of the game,” Brink explained. Players can take their NFTs into the PvP arena, where they can earn Victory Points that determine their daily GALA rewards for playing.

“Additionally, all in-game characters may be minted (turned into owned NFTs) using purchased items called Minting Scrolls,” said Brink. “This allows players to level up their characters before committing to minting them.” A future update will add items called Nexus, an “extremely limited quantity” item that enables owners to rent out their best Champion characters to free players, unlocking their ability to earn GALA rewards.

Players who own both a Nexus and a Champion will be able to compound their rewards—if they’re good enough—while players who don’t want to purchase an NFT Champion can simply “wait in line to use a Nexus Champion from another owner,” Brink said. “This ability for free players to earn rewards from playing with others’ property is essential to a thriving Gala Games economy, and a version of it will almost always be added to any Gala Game.”

Champions Arena incorporates the first of a “new generation of NFTs on Gala Games,” Brink explained. In practice, that means that GalaChain enables upgrades and levels to stay with the NFT as the player progresses.

“It gives players a chance to spend the time grinding with a particular low-level NFT, then ultimately sell it on OpenSea to another player who doesn’t have the time or wants to skip the grind,” said Brink. “This makes a case for players’ ability to purchase level 1 NFTs on the secondary market, then sell them later at a much higher price because of all the levels they have accumulated.”

Of course, the game’s Web3 features count for nothing without a compelling gameplay experience, and OneUniverse has gone above and beyond to make sure that even without the promise of in-game rewards, Champions Arena can stand up alongside Web2 titles for playability. “OneUniverse has created something amazing with Champions Arena,” said Brink, explaining that, “the battle elements of our favorite RPGs come together in a combat-focused fusion with non-stop excitement, incredible art and tons of unique characters.”

The game’s Web3 component is “tagged on as extra perks and benefits, and we don’t want to rush anyone in their choice to integrate Web3 tech into their lives,” he said. “First and foremost, we’re a platform that makes great games.”

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