Blockchain-powered RPG Chain of Alliance has released its Alpha 3.0 update, introducing an array of new features including leaderboards, rewards, species and classes.

The latest update adds daily quests in which players can explore the capabilities of the newly introduced Assassin class and encounter the new Shadeborn species, which delivers a devastating flurry skill that enables it to deliver two consecutive attacks.

Chain of Alliance’s latest update builds upon the previous release, which introduced seasons and battle ranks—adding season-based leaderboards that reflect players' performance and offer position-based rewards at the conclusion of each season.

Epic quests

Launched in February 2022, Chain of Alliance sees players embark on epic quests and manage territories in a sci-fi/fantasy world inhabited by cartoon-like characters.

The game's core revolves around NFT characters that players create using "fragments," which include components like the head, torso, and arms, each imbued with unique attributes.

These fragments act as the foundational elements for Heroes, and each fragment possesses distinct attributes that influence a Hero's health, attack power, and speed.

By strengthening their characters, players enhance their ability to complete quests and collect more NFTs, which can then be traded on the secondary market.

"Our main objective in regards to characters was always to allow players to create unique builds and approach the game with a lot of freedom,” Chain of Alliance co-founder Simon Sorgenfrei told Decrypt.

Chain of Alliance.
Image: Chain of Alliance.

Character statistics undergo intricate adjustments influenced by factors including the character's species, class assignments, and the player’s choice of equipment.

Moreover, these avatars mature after each Season, with their age, as well as character achievements, tracked directly on the NFT.

Player-controlled characters

The game revolves around the input and creativity of the players, who can take on different creator roles and help determine the direction the game is heading in.

Players can create character skins and other visual elements, story-driven campaigns and narrative elements, new game modes, and extensions to existing features.

The game places a significant emphasis on true ownership through NFTs, allowing players to have full control over their digital assets.

"We want to give traditional gamers that love RPG games the option to own their digital assets and not be chained to the developer as they are now," Sorgenfrei told Decrypt.

He explained that the team's overarching vision involves establishing interconnected game loops where NFTs from Chain of Alliance seamlessly integrate with other games, and vice versa.

To power this ecosystem, both the existing NFTs and the upcoming $COA token, slated for release in the coming months, will play pivotal roles.

Chain of Alliance
Image: Chain of Alliance.

Chain of Alliance aspires to bridge the worlds of traditional RPG gamers and Web3 enthusiasts, combining the best aspects of both worlds.

"Being gamers ourselves, we see the challenges with onboarding players to Web3 games," Sorgenfrei told Decrypt. "We have a healthy mix of experienced blockchain developers who can ease the process technology-wise and traditional F2P experts who can do it game design-wise.”

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