MetaMask, one of the most popular cryptocurrency wallet applications, was removed from Apple's App Store in the United States on Saturday but was restored within a few hours.

The app was removed due to "an internal operational error on our end," a MetaMask spokesperson told Decrypt, rather than an action taken by Apple.

The development was first reported on Twitter by @WatcherGuru.


A comment from an account apparently belonging to a MetaMask representative responded quickly, confirming that the team is aware of the issue.

"We're aware, working on figuring out what happened, and resolving the issue ASAP," replied @tayvano_,  believed to be MetaMask lead product manager Taylor Monahan. "Please report and let us know if you see any fake MetaMask apps that are in the App Store. The biggest harm in removing legit apps is it makes room for malicious apps and phishers."

Her statement was subsequently replaced by an official response from the @MetaMask account.


Elo Gimenez, global public relations director for ConsenSys, confirmed the removal and told Decrypt that the issue is not related to any malicious activity.

"Importantly, this is not a security concern, and there is no compromise or action required on users’ part," Gimenez said. "Additionally, it's not related to the app's functionality."

He also reiterated Monahan's request for help from the crypto community.

"If users come across any fake MetaMask apps on the App Store, we kindly ask them to report those immediately," she said. "Our top priority is to get this sorted out quickly and protect users from any fake apps."

"Our dedicated team is working diligently to resolve it as quickly as possible," she continued. "We anticipate that MetaMask will be back on the App Store shortly."

By midday Saturday, the app was back.

Other cryptocurrency wallet apps remained available in the App Store, including Coinbase, Uniswap, and Binance.


In December 2022, MetaMask co-founder and co-lead developer Dan Finlay publicly denounced Apple's App Store policies when the company removed the Coinbase app. "I'm ready to dump the Apple ecosystem," he wrote.

In 2019, MetaMask was removed from the Google Play app store, but it was restored a week later.

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