Sony will release a new, revised PlayStation 5 console model for the holiday season ahead, the gaming giant announced Tuesday. And unlike the previous digital and disc-based models, this single smaller model will be sold with or without the Blu-ray drive—which can be purchased separately and added later, if desired.

According to Sony, the revised PlayStation 5 console is over 30% smaller than the original model in terms of total volume, and as much as 24% lighter in terms of weight. It also has a larger 1TB internal SSD for game and data storage, up from 825GB in the original models.

Sony will sell a digital version for $450—that’s $50 more than the existing digital edition—without a disc drive, or the full-bodied model with Blu-ray drive for $500. The standard model with the disc drive will launch at the same price as the current model, but the digital edition bump means the base price for a PS5 console is rising.

The new PlayStation 5's add-on disc drive. Image: Sony

But unlike the previous editions, there’s just one new PlayStation 5 console design—the disc drive is an attachment this time. So if you buy the digital-only console, you can later purchase the disc drive for $80 and snap it on to be able to play disc-based PS5 games.

Sony will release the new PlayStation 5 model in November, and the previous models will be discontinued once the current supply sells through. A new vertical stand will be released for this slim model for those who want to securely stand up their console.

It’s not the only new gaming hardware that Sony has planned for later this year. Sony will also release the PlayStation Portal, a handheld device that can stream games from a PlayStation 5 console, for $200 on November 15.

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