Krafton, the game development firm company behind popular battle royale title PUBG: Battlegrounds (originally PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds), has unveiled plans for Settlus, a blockchain project utilizing the Cosmos SDK for payment settlements in USDC.

Krafton, along with Circle and AngelHack, introduced the Settlus blockchain platform at the Korea Blockchain Week's Circle Hacker House event on Tuesday, according to a Medium article posted on Twitter by Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire.

Calling the news “pretty exciting,” Allaire highlighted the 30 million monthly active users of PUBG who could potentially be onboarded to the new payment and settlement layer.


The Cosmos SDK, or Cosmos Software Development Kit, is a framework for building new layer-1 blockchains that are interoperable with other blockchains built using the same standard.

A new layer-1 blockchain

A website and social media accounts for Settlus went live yesterday. According to the website, its testnet will launch in early 2024.

Settlus is a new layer-1 blockchain for payment settlements and metaverse-related projects.

An interesting feature of the blockchain will be that gas fees on the network will be payable through stablecoins, with payment settlements for content creators initially facilitated through Circle's stablecoin USDC.


On September 1, Circle launched native USDC support within the Cosmos ecosystem through Noble, an appchain specifically designed for native asset issuance within the Cosmos network, coupled with inter-blockchain transfers enabled by the IBC protocol within the Cosmos ecosystem.

The team behind Settlus has also expanded on their vision for metaverse platform Project Migaloo. Developed "in tandem" with the Settlus blockchain, according to Project Migaloo's Biz & Ops Team Lead Bryan Song, Migaloo will offer content creators a "create-to-earn" system that automatically generates NFTs of digital assets produced by creators, and assigns them royalty rights on sales made on the platform.

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