Deadrop, the first-person shooter game from popular YouTuber Dr. Disrespect and upstart game studio Midnight Society, is still in development—but thousands of people are already playing. How can you join them?

As of this writing, Deadrop is only available via Midnight Society’s official website. Whether it’s by gaining access via a Tower Key code or by purchasing a Founders Pass NFT, Midnight Society offers prospective players two ways to drop into the vertical extraction shooter.

Founders Access Pass NFTs

Perhaps the easiest—but more expensive—way to gain access to every Deadrop “Snapshot” or early access gameplay update is by purchasing one of Midnight Society’s 10,000 Founders Access Pass NFTs


According to the studio’s website, NFT owners will not only be able to playtest the game’s early builds like the latest Snapshot VI, but they’ll also get a unique in-game character, profile picture, and “call sign,” plus exclusive access to studio events, the ability to vote on various game features, and priority access to Deadrop merch and other future drops.

Be aware that your NFT benefits will only last as long as you hold that NFT in your wallet—if you sell it, transfer it, or otherwise lose custody over it, you will no longer be able to access the game using that NFT.

Tower Keys

Another way to get into Deadrop is by getting a unique access code called a Tower Key. This code—which is not tied to an NFT—can only be used once, but will give the user access to the game and its Snapshot preview builds.

In Snapshot V, released in March 2023, Midnight Society sold Tower Key codes to players for $25. These keys also promise access to the Season 0 Battle Pass and Deep Freeze in-game weapon cosmetic items which are planned for release in the future. 

How much does Deadrop cost?

In early access, some gamers will be able to play Deadrop for free while others may pay $25 or possibly $500 or more, depending on how they gain access to the game. For Snapshot VI, Midnight Society gave away access codes for free via its YouTube livestream’s chat. Prospective players had to race each other to see who was able to redeem the code first. 


During the previous Snapshot V window, anyone was able to play Deadrop by buying a Tower Key access pass for $25. But those are no longer available for purchase, as of this writing.

Deadrop’s Founders Pass NFTs initially cost $50 when they were first minted on Ethereum scaling network Polygon last year. At time of writing, purchasing an NFT on a secondary marketplace like OpenSea will likely cost you in the $400-700 range, as the NFTs are currently reselling for roughly 0.2 to 0.38 ETH.

Currently, the most expensive option for playing Deadrop is by purchasing one of the Founders Pass NFTs—but those do come with additional perks, as mentioned above.

How to get into Deadrop

Once you’ve purchased one of the 10,000 NFTs or snagged an access code, you’ll have to navigate to Midnight Society’s website to download the current version of the game.

If you have a code, then you’ll find the entry field on Midnight Society’s website where you can redeem your key to gain access. 

Once redeemed and logged into the site, you’ll be able to download and install the game files to your computer. When Deadrop has been installed, you’ll be able to then run it and play the game just like any other application on your PC. 

Will more Tower Keys be released?

While Midnight Society is not currently offering Deadrop codes to the general public for Snapshot VI, it’s possible that more codes will be available in the future. 

A member of the Midnight Society team confirmed to Decrypt in a message that as of July 2023, only an NFT or a Tower Key code will grant players access.


“We may release more Tower Keys in the future,” the team member said.

If you aren’t able to buy an NFT or get a hold of a key code, then you can join the waitlist on Midnight Society’s website here.

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