Services and consulting firm Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has launched a “low code” development kit for organizations interested in developing and deploying blockchain technology quickly.

According to a press release issued by the Mumbai-based company, the Quartz DevKit, as the solution is called, “abstracts out the complexity” of developing smart contracts on a blockchain by using pre-built templates for each step of the process and making the finished contract ready to be deployed on Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, and R3 Corda

The Quartz DevKit is a web-based development platform coupled with plug-and-play components that can be reused to help speed up the process. The company claims that these features enable shaving off as much as 40% of the total time required to develop and deploy the solutions. R Vivekananda, Global Head of Quartz at TCS, stated that they had received “very positive” feedback from pilot customers to their kit.


The kit is part of the company’s Smart Ledger solutions aimed at organizations interested in harnessing blockchain technology. In addition to the Quartz DevKit, the other solutions integrated into the solution are the Quartz Gateway and Quartz Command Center. The latter is used for monitoring blockchain systems while the former is used to integrate third-party systems with a company’s blockchain.

TCS got into blockchain early. In 2016, the company claimed that it had more than 100 blockchain-related projects under development. Earlier this year, it participated in a cross-border settlement of securities between banks in Kuwait and Morocco using the BaNCS Network—a private, permissioned ledger that the company has developed for its customers in the financial services and insurance industry.

Meanwhile TCS competitor Infosys completed a global blockchain trial of trade finance in September in partnership with blockchain consortium R3.

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