Galaxy Commanders, a player-versus-player (PvP) space shooter developed by a new team of video game industry veterans, has been announced for release on Ethereum scaling network Immutable zkEVM.

Developed by MagmaByte, a startup including former Electronic Arts (EA), NCSoft, and Nexon developers, Galaxy Commanders will task players with leading fast-paced space battles and cooperative planetary conquests using a variety of different strategies. At a glance, it looks akin to EVE Online or Star Citizen—but with an NFT twist.

During these space fights, gamers can collect unique battleships that will help them build their own customized fleet. Each battleship will come with its own unique visuals, specifications and upgradeable skills, while further upgrades will be available via a range of NFTs and Galaxy Commanders' in-game currency, Dimensium.


MagmaByte has teamed up with game publisher Immutable to launch the game on the upcoming Immutable zkEVM—a next-generation Ethereum layer-2 scaling network purpose-built for games to enable cheaper, faster transactions.

Galaxy Commanders will be playable on PC and mobile devices, and will also make use of Immutable’s Passport wallet—a simplified, non-custodial wallet designed for gamers that integrates fiat currency and crypto transactions alike with a streamlined login system.

A screenshot from Galaxy Commanders. Image: MagmaByte

“Immutable zkEVM was developed from the ground up to tackle the most pressing issues in the Web3 gaming industry, including scaling and user onboarding, and we are excited that our studio partners are choosing it for their projects,” said Immutable VP of Global Business Development Andrew Sorokovsky, in a release.

Immutable Games is the publisher of long-running NFT card battler Gods Unchained and the upcoming mobile action game Guild of Guardians. It’s also the startup behind the current Immutable X scaling network designed for games and NFTs. The Immutable zkEVM network is based on Polygon’s zkEVM technology.


Founder John Lee spent five years as team manager of the mobile publishing division at Nexon before starting MagmaByte. Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Taewoon Yoon previously spent five years at EA Korea and Asia Pacific.

“Our decision was guided by Immutable's robust focus on gaming and the genuine passion that their team brings to the table,” Lee said. “Together, we hope to push the boundaries of Web3 games, making them accessible and exciting for a more expansive gaming community.”

A release date for Galaxy Commanders has yet to be announced, but MagmaByte is currently raising funds in a round to be led by Shima Capital, per a press release.

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