"Krapopolis," the long-awaited blockchain-backed animated series from "Rick and Morty" co-creator Dan Harmon, finally has a premiere date: September 24, 2023.

The Fox series, first announced during the heyday of the spring 2021 NFT frenzy, marks the first project steered by Blockchain Creative Labs (BCL), Fox Entertainment’s own NFT marketplace.

Shortly after its creation in 2021, BCL received a massive $100 million investment from its parent company, indicating Fox’s unambiguous commitment, at the time, to the fusion of its television business with novel blockchain elements.

Shortly thereafter, however, in 2022, the crypto market cratered, and public enthusiasm for NFTs declined significantly. But Fox hung on, greenlighting "Krapopolis" for a full three seasons before a single episode had aired—an exceedingly rare move in Hollywood for a series based on original IP.


Now, after years of hype and speculation, "Krapopolis" finally appears ready to see the light of day, and details about how the blockchain will be integrated into the network series are becoming clearer.

Since last August, early fans of the show have been able to purchase Krap Chickens, a series of 10,420 NFTs that promised to offer some degree of show-related access to holders.

The collection has already generated 512 ETH, or over $957,726 at writing, in trading volume.


Alongside news of the show’s premiere date, it has also been revealed what, exactly, those chickens are good for.

Fox has released a series of behind-the-scenes animated clips from the show’s production process that can now be viewed on the show’s site by linking a Krap Chicken NFT. Additionally, Krap Chicken holders will be able to attend exclusive in-person events, vote on the show’s direction, and use eggs generated by their NFTs to purchase affiliated merchandise and digital goods—though details on those perks are still rather vague.

Consistent with other recent trends in mainstream branding, the "Krapopolis" site and other related materials refer nowhere to the beleaguered terms “NFT,” “crypto,” or “metaverse,” only to the blockchain.

"Krapopolis" stars Hannah Waddingham ("Ted Lasso"), Richard Ayoade ("The I.T. Crowd"), and Matt Berry ("What We Do In The Shadows").

The series will center on a family of humans, gods, and monsters in mythical Ancient Greece attempting to run one of the world’s first cities.

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