Given the hype surrounding both sectors, it was inevitable that AI would make its way into the world of crypto. On Monday, Binance—the largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume—announced the introduction of Binance Sensei, an AI-powered chatbot for its Binance Academy.

“Binance strives to be at the forefront of innovation, making sure our users have access to the newest and most innovative technologies,” a company spokesperson tells Decrypt. “As this new technology became available, we integrated a ChatGPT-driven tool allowing users to seamlessly navigate the vast world of blockchain and crypto education.”


Sensei is designed to enhance user engagement with educational content using OpenAI’s ChatGPT to provide relevant and easily digestible information through keywords and natural language questions.

Currently only available in English, Binance Sensei, similar to Perplexity AI, provides a brief response and suggests three relevant articles. The introduction of Binance Sensei highlights the ongoing trend of integrating AI into user-friendly tools that cater to users’ needs.

“I am powered by ChatGPT and trained with 1,000+ articles and glossary entries from Binance Academy,” Binance Sensei tells users when launched. “My responses are provided on an ‘as is’ basis for general information only, without any representation, warranty or guarantee of completeness or accuracy.”

“Sensei is only intended to be a facilitation tool to assist users in obtaining answers efficiently, using content from the Binance Academy platform or other reliable open sources,” Binance additionally warns. “It is not intended to provide any form of specific advice to users.”

Sensei isn’t the company’s first foray into providing AI tools to users.


“Earlier we also offered our users Binance Bicasso, an AI NFT generator that allows Binancians to create custom images using artificial intelligence, which can then be minted into NFTs on BNB Chain,” the company noted.

Thanks to AI systems like ChatGPT and DALL-E, chatbots have surged in popularity in the past year, making 2023 a pivotal year for AI development and adoption. This adoption has proven a double-edged sword as AI has also been used to generate fake interviews, run Ponzi schemes, and imitate famous musicians.

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