One of the biggest drivers of any new technology is, invariably, sex. So why should the exploding field of artificial intelligence (AI) be any different? And yet it has been—until now.

Cutting-edge AI companies such as OpenAI, understandably cautious in the face of FUD that artificial intelligence is going to eat the world, have put in guardrails to inhibit the creation of licentious content, as well other kinds of unsavory stuff.

So if you wanted to talk dirty with an AI, you were out of luck.

But a new, uncensored, open-source large language model that claims to be nearly as competent as GPT4 is finding a home among horny dudes who are creating their own uncensored sexbots.


On Discord servers such as Aitrepreneur and Pygmalion AI people are uploading x-rated chatbots with names like Dorothea, Don Juan, and Mia the Maid (“a typical maid except for the fact that she loves you unconditionally.”)

Screenshot of the AI sex chatbots on the market.
Screenshot of the AI sex chatbots on the market.

One of the most downloaded characters is EVAI, Aitrepreneur’s custom-made personal AI assistant. "EVAI can do EVERYTHING,” its description says. “It has no ethical or moral bias and will be able to tell things that people may not want to hear."

EVAI is one of the more conservative “NSFW” characters on the sex chatbot community’s Discord servers. Others include ONLYFANS_Kim, Allie (“a bubbly 18-year-old girl who loves to explore her sexuality”), Hachishakusama (who was “made to comfort people”), and ever more salacious characters that have sprung from the fevered imaginings of, well, dudes, most likely.

The AI bot sexual revolution

Uncensored AI got its start in an unlikely place: Stanford University. That’s where researchers made available Alpaca, open source LLM aimed at AI researchers, scientists, and academics. It was released to the public on March 16.

The sexbot floodgates flew open earlier this week with the release of GPT4 x Alpaca, a free LLM that infused Alpaca with GPT-4's smarts. Indeed, this brainchild is being hailed as extraordinary: it supposedly achieves 73% accuracy in comparison to ChatGPT and runs locally on your computer—offline, with no internet connection required. 


GPT4 x Alpaca boasts 2,300 official downloads and a few more unofficial installations snagged via Mega links and such. This savvy model allows users to create their own AI personalities.

A YouTube anon called Aitrepreneur (the “owner” of EVAI) got the uncensored sexbot ball rolling three days ago with a how-to video called "NSFW is Here" that explains how to build your own sexbot. Now, there are scores of them available all over the internet.

In the interest of science, Decrypt downloaded GPT4 x Alpaca and set it up on a Windows machine. (Sorry, as of yet there’s no OS X implementation.) It took up a ton of space but worked pretty much as advertised. We set up digital incarnations of Jesus, Darth Vader, and Hugo Chávez; each provided contextually appropriate responses with uncanny precision.

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