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BTC Sinks Lower

HK ETF volumes disappoint at $11M, crypto sinks. US ETFs see another $52M outflow, 4th straight day. EigenLayer FUD after 5% non-transferable airdrop. EigenLayer also geoblocks USA for claims. 5K+ withdrawals after EigenLayer announcement. Microstrategy bought another $8M BTC in April. Miner revenue drops to 2023 lows. Consensys vs SEC litigation will take years: Cowen. SEC had been investigating ETH for a year. Gensler may have misled Congress with ETH stance.KMNO hits $363M on launch. Decentralised Rune airdrop opens at $102M. Friend Tech airdrop delayed until Thursday. NFTfi airdrop claim today.

May 6, 2024


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