Yescoin is one of the most recent viral Telegram-based games to take the crypto gaming industry by storm. You’ll swipe gold coins from the screen to fuel a perpetual number-go-up cycle... that's fueled by upgrades and even more swiping ahead.

That’s all in service of trying to build up a bigger bag, as the developers have alluded to a potential YES token being released, referencing “upcoming airdrops” following news that it’s building on The Open Network (TON).

As a result, Yescoiners are getting serious about stacking their coins ahead of a potential airdrop haul. Here are a few key tips to help you break through the initially slow earnings cycle and start to stack up serious coins.

Get invited


Before you even start playing, try to get a friend who’s already playing Yescoin to invite you in with a referral link. This offers a healthy boost to your bank before you even start swiping. 

Getting a head start in any game is great, but in Yescoin it means that you can immediately invest in boosters that will help you get to the next stage quickly. And your friend will get bonus coins too, which makes everyone happy.

Equally, if you have friends that want to join, invite your friends to also play the game. For the first friend you invite, you get 50,000 coins along with a randomized bonus. Invite three friends? You’ll bank 500,000 coins along with the bonus for each.

If you somehow manage to invite a whopping 100,000 friends, or ‘frens’ as the game calls them, then you’ll get a mindblowing one billion coins. Good luck with that.

Use your free boosters

Yescoin’s coin-stacking premise is addictive, so many players are logging in daily—or multiple times daily. So make sure you click the “Build” button and take advantage of the free daily boosters. It’d be a waste otherwise.


The “Chest” booster causes valuable tokens to shower down the screen as you frantically attempt to swipe them away. Swiping horizontally here lets you grab the most coins possible, in our own experience.

Screenshots from Yescoin. Image: Decrypt

Meanwhile, the “Full Recovery” booster will instantly regenerate your energy bar—which, especially at the start of the game, drops extremely quickly. You get three free uses of each booster daily, so don’t ignore them!

Invest in premium boosters

There is no reason to hoard your wealth. In Yescoin, you need to spend coins to make way more coins down the road, so use your earnings to buy up premium, permanent boosters.

“Multivalue” juices the value of each coin, “Coinlimit” increases the total coin limit for each level, and “FillRate” boosts the speed at which your energy bar regenerates.

But what you really want to save up for is the “YesPac.” At level 1, the PacMan-esque character will fly across your screen while the app is open, collecting coins for you. But at level 2, it’ll collect coins for you while you’re offline for a total of 2 hours. This is a serious upgrade and makes the game a lot easier. Just check in regularly to claim your haul.

When earning coins, you should always be gunning to level up your YesPac—even past level two. At the next level, you increase your offline earning time sixfold to 12 hours, and there are even more rewarding upgrade levels beyond.

Screenshots from Yescoin. Image: Decrypt

Do your tasks

Click the “Earn” button on the bottom left and take advantage of everything you have available to you. Many of these have to do with social media, such as joining a Telegram group or following the Yescoin Twitter (aka X) account, for example. The most complex is connecting your TON wallet, which isn’t even that hard and can all be done within the Telegram app. 

Once you’ve done all of the tasks, don’t forget about this section. As you play the game, you’ll level up into different ranks (i.e. silver, gold, platinum)—and upon each level you have a reward to claim in this section.


Earn an Ultimate YesBox

While in the “Earn” section, you may notice the “Daily crypto learning task.” Each day you play, head into this section to read a small piece of text educating you about the blockchain world. Once you’ve read this, you can claim a daily reward.

If you do this for nine days in a row, then you’ll receive an Ultimate YesBox which rewards you with a random amount of coins from 30,000 to 6 million. And connecting a TON wallet boosts the value of every reward along the way.

Edited by Andrew Hayward

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