Are you one of the more than 100 million players apparently tapping away at Telegram to earn a share of the upcoming Hamster Kombat airdrop? Hamster Kombat is the latest Telegram gaming sensation, building upon the “clicker” premise of Notcoin while layering in amusing twists as you take the role of a crypto exchange CEO—who’s also a hamster.

It’s a simple distraction, but your tapping and upgrading could pay dividends with the token launch on The Open Network, which is currently planned for July. Notcoin is this year’s biggest gaming token launch so far, but Hamster Kombat has already pulled in way more players.

We’ll see how things work out with the airdrop (more details here), but if you want to boost your in-game coin earnings and potentially set yourself up for a bigger bag, here are several tips that can collectively add millions more coins to your daily haul.

Spend those coins


Sure, Hamster Kombat’s core gameplay mechanic is tapping the screen, but you’ll only get so far if that’s all you do. Instead, hit the “Mine” button at the bottom of the screen and start buying upgrades for your exchange. That’s how you unlock passive income.

By investing in various markets, PR, team, and legal enhancements, along with special cards, you’ll gradually amass coins by doing nothing at all—even when you’re not playing. You’ve gotta spend money to make money, right? Well, this is the Hamster Kombat version of that.

Screenshots from Hamster Kombat. Image: Decrypt

Check in often

Granted, you’ll need to play regularly to maximize your passive income. Hamster Kombat will only keep amassing free coins while you’re offline for a total of three hours. After that, the coins stop rolling in until you open up the game, claim your accumulated earnings, and reset the clock. Luckily, it just takes a few seconds and then you can hop back out.

Do the daily combo

What’s the fastest way to boost your coin haul? Execute the daily combo. Essentially, the game designates three special cards for each day’s combo, and if you can buy or upgrade the three specific items/cards before the next cycle, you’ll earn 5 million free coins—easy as that.

We’ve put together a dedicated guide for the daily combo, how it works, and how to find it, so be sure to check that out if you’re looking for more detail here. As we write this, the current daily combo is License Europe, Prediction Markets, and Top 10 Global Ranking. Spend some of your coin to upgrade those, and you’ll get a massive addition to your piggy bank.


Invite friends

If your gut reaction to this is “Ugh,” we hear you: Nobody wants to annoy their friends with free-to-play invites. But in Hamster Kombat, some of the cards and unlocks are gated behind successfully convincing a certain number of friends to start playing, meaning you might miss out on daily combos or other earning opportunities if you abstain.

Granted, we don’t blame you for continuing to abstain. But if you have a few pals that might want to hop into the Telegram mini app and start playing alongside you, then shoot them an invite from within the game (under the “Friends” tab) or copy the link and paste it into your Telegram chats. Just give ‘em the courtesy of a heads-up.

Screenshots from Hamster Kombat. Image: Decrypt

Claim the daily reward

Easy one here: Under the “Earn” tab, just hit the Daily reward button under “Daily tasks” and claim your free coins. It’s only 500 coins on day one, but if you’re playing steadily, the reward eventually jumps up to 5 million by day 10. That’s free fake money! The daily amount resets after that, so it’ll be a slow climb back up to seven-figure freebies, but keep at it.

Complete the tasks

Also under the Earn tab, you’ll find opportunities to earn bounties of coins for watching Hamster Kombat videos on YouTube, joining the game’s Telegram announcement channel, or following its Twitter (aka X) account. Your mileage may vary on whether you want to bother, but if you’re aiming to maximize your in-game haul, then these are easy ways to snag bonus coins.

Input the daily cipher

Unlike the daily combo, you won’t have to spend coins or worry about inviting pals to earn a bunch of free coins from inputting the daily cipher. It’s a daily Morse code entry that lets you bag 1 million coins, and the early codes have been crypto terms like BTC, ETH, and WALLET.

We’ve put together a guide with more detail on how it works and how to find the new daily code, but it’s really as simple as locating the code (on social media or in Telegram groups), tapping the “Earn per tap” box three times to trigger the input mode, and then entering the correct combinations of taps and long presses until the Morse code is accepted.

Edited by Ryan Ozawa.

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