The rise of ChatGPT and other natural language processing (NLP) tools has transformed what many believe to be possible in the world of artificial intelligence (AI). But ChatGPT is only one of many such products to emerge in recent months and years, and subsequent NLPs have capitalized on ChatGPT’s functionality (and its renown) while focusing in on a more specific set of use cases. One such AI model is ChainGPT.

ChainGPT is an AI system designed expressly for blockchain- and crypto-related applications. Like ChatGPT and other similar tools, it uses a combination of high-speed computational abilities and algorithms to increase user accessibility to the Web3 and crypto spaces, both of which can be notoriously difficult to understand and explore. Below, we take a closer look at ChainGPT and some of its specific services.

Integrating AI and Blockchain

ChainGPT aims to integrate both blockchain and AI technologies into a single utility. Like other blockchain ecosystems, ChainGPT is powered by its own native crypto token, $CGPT. $CGPT is currently listed on a number of leading crypto exchanges, including KuCoin, ByBit, MEXC, and others.

AI-based Blockchain and Crypto Chatbot

One of ChainGPT’s key offerings is the Telegram-based AI chatbot assistant. Like other chatbots, including ChatGPT, the ChainGPT AI chatbot is a conversational, AI-based assistant tool. What sets this chatbot apart is that it is specifically designed for blockchain technology and crypto-related queries. For instance, ChainGPT’s chatbot can assist with no-code smart-contract programming, with trading services, with debugging, with market analysis, and much more. Like ChatGPT, ChainGPT’s chatbot is available for free, in this case through Telegram.

Smart Contract Dev Assist Extension

Another of ChainGPT’s features is Dev Assist, an open-source browser extension to aid users in the process of deploying smart contracts. ChainGPT’s web app uses a visual tool to represent the underlying code in an effort to make this process as straightforward as possible, even for non-developers.

Additional Features

There are a host of other ways that ChainGPT is exploring how AI can be used to enhance the blockchain and crypto spaces. The service provides AI-powered news, creating news articles related to blockchain and crypto topics so that users don’t have to take the time to search for these news sources on their own.

ChainGPT also provides an AI-generated NFT service that will create NFTs based on user prompts for uses including in-game items, digital collectibles, digital art, and more.

ChainGPT aims to provide a holistic set of Web3 services, including an AI-powered trading assistant for crypto traders. This service is designed to offer technical analysis for crypto tokens, analyzing historical data and revealing chart patterns. Finally, ChainGPT offers a Virtual Machine combining both EVM compatibility and on-chain AI inference. Users can put the Virtual Machine to work generating decentralized, AI-based applications on the ChainGPT blockchain.

Like many AI systems, ChainGPT is continually exploring new offerings to enhance its functionality. The company says that it aims to provide an explorer, an AI model and tool marketplace, a web wallet and wallet extension as well as corresponding apps, a decentralized exchange, and more in the second half of 2023.

As a blockchain ecosystem, ChainGPT’s native token is used both for staking, farming, and burning processes and to provide token holders with access to the company’s advanced AI models. It is also a token designed for trading as well, so it may hold interest for crypto traders who are not even interested in ChainGPT’s AI-based offerings.

Cheat Sheet

  • ChainGPT is a service combining the worlds of blockchain and AI into a single functionality.
  • ChainGPT offers products that intersect with both the blockchain and AI worlds, including an AI-based chatbot (like ChatGPT) that is specifically designed for blockchain applications.
  • ChainGPT’s products also include a web app that can assist in creating and launching smart tokens, distributed AI-based apps, and more.
  • The company’s offerings are continually evolving and also include a Virtual Machine, an AI-based crypto trading assistant, technical analysis services, and a news aggregator, among others.

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