Creators on “content monetization” platform Coil can now earn their crust in XRP, a cryptocurrency designed for cross-border payments, according to a press release issued today. 

Coil users will be able to earn the digital currency in “real time,” thanks to a new partnership brokered between the content platform and Gatehub, an XRP-integrated wallet. Funds earned are convertible to euros, dollars, bitcoin, and ether, or can be directly withdrawn to the user’s bank account.

Coil aims to support “writers and journalists, video creators, podcasters, streamers, musicians, photographers, and artists.” Built on Interledger, the platform has 50,000 monthly visitors (according to SimilarWeb) and already has a smattering of content, including video game reviews and ruminations on the real-world implications of Star Wars. 


The content platform’s goal is to advance “Web Monetization,” the idea of embedding micropayments into websites. 

“Our integration with Gatehub provides creators with the ability to withdraw their web monetized earnings to any European bank account,” said Coil CEO Stefan Thomas (formerly the CTO of Ripple, which is closely associated with XRP) in today’s release. “This makes it much easier for creators and developers across Europe to experiment with and use Interledger and Web Monetization.” (Interledger is a protocol for making payments largely focused around XRP).

“Money streaming is here!” said GateHub CEO Enej Pungerčar in today’s press release. “With a bright future ahead for Web Monetization and a growing interest in the Interledger Protocol, we are writing a new chapter with Coil.”

Sounds pretty coil to us! 

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