Bithumb Global, the global version of the popular South Korean crypto exchange, just came out of beta, according to a press release yesterday. The exchange is attempting to move outside of Korea in search of a larger audience, especially in Japan. 

Alongside other upgrades, version 1.0 gives users faster transaction speeds and an improved, simplified UI. It has removed a complicated wallet system and provided a version of the site in Japanese. Additionally, customers can also use credit cards to buy crypto. 

“Bithumb Global aims to bring together and unite all the crypto communities with a fair and transparent platform. Unity is the key here,” said Javier Sim, managing director of Bithumb Global.

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And the global expansion seems to be working. Bithumb’s new exchange is already seeing daily trading volume of $488 million, not bad when compared to its original exchange which pulls in $588 million. And that’s despite having a tenth of the same user base, with Bithumb Global posting user numbers of 1 million, compared to the native exchange’s 10 million.

Clearly new users aren’t students of Bithumb’s recent history. In March 2019, it was hacked for $13 million worth of EOS, with Bithumb executives pointing the finger firmly at employees for the breach. It’s unclear if they’ve been removed from the company.  

Surely every hacked exchange deserves a second chance?