We wanted to call your attention to a new department—known internally at Decrypt as "CoinBulletin"—which quietly fluttered into existence on our beloved site over the past few weeks.

Now, when you tap or click on "Coins" in the left-hand Menu bar, you'll call up a page that lists a dozen of the top coins. Click on the coin you want, and you can read the latest news and call up a graph that charts its price—though far better looking, it's pretty much like what you would find on many crypto sites, tbh.

But what we're especially pleased with in our iteration, is that it's powered by TruSet, a blockchain-based app that crowdsources "the authoring and editing of token reference data, using the community to constantly review (validate) and update the dataset," as its FAQ explains it. You can see all that qualitative information on each coin's price page, which lists a raft of information about the coin, including its white paper, team members and other data collected by TruSet's community.

Per Will Janensch, TruSet's founder and CEO, "the data is community sourced and consensus validated using Ethereum technology." You can find even more token data on TruSet itself, which we encourage you to do since adding validated information for these coins—and all those listed on the site—is a benefit that all of us can share in. Indeed, if you would want to participate in TruSet community publishing and validation for token data, you can register for the Token Beta on the truset.com website.



We're getting ready to offer free Accounts on Decrypt, which will allow you to follow the coin feeds of your choosing, as well as a lot of other nifty and customizable stuff. You can pre-register here. And though we're currently tracking a dozen coins, we plan to add more. Follow @decryptmedia on Twitter and tell us what you'd like to see.

Finally, like us, TruSet is funded by the Brooklyn-based incubator, ConsenSys. This is our first integration with a Web3 app, and we look forward to working with many more in the days ahead.

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