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  • Buyers of Lana Rhoades' CryptoSis NFTs got upset when the assets declined in value, after she touted them as an "investment."
  • Rhoades responded in a series of angry tweets before her Twitter account went dark.

Adult film star Lana Rhoades has a massive following on social media, but her Twitter account was suddenly deleted Thursday—ostensibly by her—after she made a series of tweets protesting criticism of her NFT project, CryptoSis. 

Some have accused the CryptoSis NFT project of being a rug pull, as funds from the mint have been cashed out and Rhoades has said she may now be deleting her Discord app and distancing herself from the project. As of today, the Discord group for the project is still active.

Rhoades’ NFTs now have a current floor price (minimum “buy now” price) on OpenSea of 0.01 ETH ($26), which is dramatically below their original mint price of 0.1 ETH ($261).

NFTs are unique blockchain tokens that signify ownership over an asset—typically, digital art. Rhoades frequently promoted her CryptoSis project on her verified Instagram account, which has 16.8 million followers, and on her now-deleted Twitter account, which had 1.5 million followers. 

Lana Rhoades' Twitter profile
Lana Rhoades' Twitter profile

In her social media posts, Rhoades said she planned to make her NFT project “a lucrative investment for holders” and that her primary focus was to “increase the value” of her NFTs. She also promised other holder benefits like exclusive future drops, physical merchandise, and direct interactions with her and other “CryptoSis models” in the “metaverse.”

But things have not exactly gone as planned. Initially, Rhoades said in her NFT project’s official Discord server that “we will probably sell out quick.” 

A Lana Rhoades' Instagram post
Screenshots from Lana Rhoades' Instagram posts

In January, Rhoades continued to promise her community that her NFTs would be worth something, writing, “The value is going to go way up over the next few months.” She assured people that “this is just the start of the brand.”

When the collection did not, in fact, quickly sell out, the total collection size was reduced to 6,969 and then reduced again to 6,069 to increase the chances of it doing so. Rhoades tried to reassure her community on January 22, writing, “We will be sold out by tomorrow and working on the next phase of the plan.”


After telling her community that her project was a “lucrative investment,” Rhoades then walked the statement back on Wednesday, stating that she wasn’t sure she could “turn this investment around” or “make people profit.” She also appeared to be giving up on her own NFT project, saying that it was up to her community to somehow bring value to the project going forward.

In response to YouTuber Coffeezilla’s video calling Rhoades’ CryptoSis project a rug pull, Rhoades published a series of angry tweets before apparently deleting her account. Rhoades called YouTubers “sickos” and said, “I have never and will never scam anyone, I don’t need to.”

Lana Rhoades' Twitter posts
Lana Rhoades' Twitter posts

In response to one Twitter user telling her to “stop doing NFTs,” Rhoades replied, “Trust I want nothing to do with the space anymore.” 

Rhoades implied that she’ll be keeping the funds earned from the project’s mint, citing a need to pay out the development team. Going forward, it’s unclear to what extent she will engage with her NFT community’s Discord, which she’s asserted will be modified to holders-only.

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