Perhaps you’ve attended one of the various, crypto-related “Debates of the Century” during the past year, pitting New York University’s Nouriel Roubini, a crypto skeptic, against a variety of pro-crypto grandees? Well, brace yourself for what promises to be the Civil Discussion of the Century: Ethereum co-founders Vitalik Buterin and Joseph Lubin square off for a pleasant chat at the upcoming Ethereal Summit in Tel Aviv on September 15.

Buterin and Lubin will be joined by Yoni Assia, Founder & CEO of the social-media crypto trading platform, eToro, during the final session of the day.

The day-long conference kicks off with an AMA with Buterin, on the long-awaited Ethereum upgrade, ETH2. According to a conference spokeswoman, Buterin said he’s game to discuss: privacy, collusion resistance, quadratic voting and quadratic funding, and the dapp ecosystem as well as a few project advancements in areas that might benefit the Ethereum ecosystem.


This is the first Ethereal conference to be held in Israel, and it coincides with Blockchain Week there. 

Ethereal is an international conference series dedicated to decentralization and other promises of the Ethereum platform, and is sponsored by the Brooklyn-based incubator, ConsenSys, which also funds Decrypt. And if you’ve read this far: Here's a code for $50 off: SP150DECRYPT

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