Illustration by Mitchell Preffer for Decrypt
Illustration by Mitchell Preffer for Decrypt

Crypto markets tanked on Friday, but aside from the plethora of opinions, jokes, and venting about the damage, it was business as usual over on Crypto Twitter.

To start with, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced his resignation from the company on Monday—Elon Musk then trolled everyone later in the week about it. Also, former star of "The OC" Ben McKenzie has a new calling: crypto critic!

Read on to see our roundup of some of the most notable Twitter chatter this week.


Jack Dorsey kicked things off on Monday with the announcement that he's resigning from his position as CEO of Twitter. He tweeted his announcement with a letter, praising his former team and his successor, Twitter CTO Parag Agrawal. Many folks assumed Dorsey’s next career move would be crypto-related, due to his unabashed love of Bitcoin; and the indications are that they could be right.

Just one day later, Dorsey’s crypto-friendly payments company Square renamed itself to Block in an apparent nod to blockchain. The company also announced that Square Crypto—the arm of the company that supports Bitcoin developers—will now be called Spiral (Twitter handle: @spiralbtc).

Following Dorsey’s resignation, Tesla CEO and Dogecoin-pumper Elon Musk trolled his followers and tweeted a meme in which Parag Agrawal’s face was superimposed on a picture of Stalin walking with his associates. In the meme, Dorsey replaces Nikolai Yezhov, a former Soviet spy who fell from Stalin’s favor, was executed, and was subsequently airbrushed out of the original picture.


Now, it looks like Dorsey left on good terms internally (though maybe not with Elliott Management, the activist hedge fund that reportedly wanted him out for years), so Musk is just raising a giggle. But as Dorsey leaves, it’s open speculation as to how far Twitter will continue to integrate crypto. The company made headway on this last month, when it announced it had founded a special blockchain team to “incorporate decentralized technologies into [their] products and infrastructure.”

Will Twitter now back away from Bitcoin, or go bigger on Ethereum with Bitcoin maxi Dorsey out of the way?

On Monday, hacker Jane Wong was able to reveal more about possible crypto features in Twitter’s pipeline. She managed to add her Ethereum wallet to Twitter’s ‘tips’ function. Wong says this feature has been buried there since September.

Next up, you may have missed this, but TV star Ben Mckenzie, who is perhaps best known for his roles as Ryan Atwood on "The OC" and young Jim Gordon on "Gotham," has become a fervent and vocal crypto critic. McKenzie’s made it a passionate hobby to call attention to the volatile and scammy underbelly of crypto trading, and criticize other celebrities who have promoted tokens.

McKenzie has gotten so vocal about crypto recently that CNN did a profile of him in his new capacity as one of the sector's toughest critics. A cursory glance at McKenzie’s timeline shows that his crypto commentary is pretty wide-ranging, and very little escapes the glare of his headlamps as he scrutinizes the likes of Tether, DeFi, and various celebrity-backed projects.

Wonder what he thinks of Dogecoin...


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