Some people seek therapy to deal with trauma. Others make sense of their experiences through meditation. Bitcoiners turn to memes.

Most cryptocurrencies are feeling bearish at the moment, but market leader Bitcoin is taking the brunt of it. The exchange price of BTC is just around $32,500, a 1% loss since the beginning of the year. April, when the price reached an all-time high of $63,498, now seems like forever ago.

But Bitcoiners can take consolation in knowing their meme game is top notch.


And in true capitalist fashion, the memes getting the biggest play subtly devalue the work of service economy employees, many of whom toil 40 hours a week on minimum wage with few benefits:

In one, MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor, who led the cloud software company to buy $2.7 billion in Bitcoin in one year, is seen wearing a McDonald's hat and shirt. As in, he'll have to work at the fast food chain if the price goes lower.


Another imagined that McDonald's itself took part in the McRibbing and shared job applications with crypto holders: 

Not everything is poking fun at people who contribute to the fiat economy. Bitcoiners can also poke fun at themselves. Here they do it while comparing themselves to Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker. Both had a good run. 

Here's another using comedian Kevin Hart's 5'2" stature to point out that Bitcoin's price is, erm, coming up short this month:

But the best memes of all are about "the dip." As any long-term crypto investor will tell you, you have to "buy the dip." The problem, as the following memes illustrate, is that it's hard to tell when the price has reached the bottom. (Investing! Who knew it was hard?)


So don't worry, Bitcoiners. If crypto holding doesn't work out, you can always apply for the meme artist position at Gitcoin. If, that is, you want to bypass McDonalds' current $400 hiring bonus—in cash.

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