Welcome to the Daily Debrief! Still rotting at ETHDenver, for what it’s worth. Last night, I had another Tinder date, which went far better than the first, thanks! But weirdly, I woke up this morning and my cellphone was gone.

Our stuff

Lock up your children. The wonderful, handsome Ben today unraveled the mysteries of Moloch, a delightful new Ethereum-funding strategy named after the CANAANITE GOD OF CHILD SACRIFICE. Listen, we could explain how it works etc., but if the fact that it’s named after the CANAANITE GOD OF CHILD SACRIFICE doesn’t draw you in then, quite frankly, you’re dead to me. Unsubscribe. No, please don’t!

The full 360. Our glorious Guillermo J., the Righteous Crusader of the Lonestar State, wrote a delightfully perspicuous take on the stunning, twice-reversal of fortune suffered by “Blockvest” CEO Reginald “Buddy” Ringgold III. Last year, the SEC accused Mr. III of selling unregistered securities. Federal District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel, temporarily struck the SEC’s bid down, saying Ringgold’s token didn’t qualify as a security. But Curiel had a change of heart, and reversed himself, after hearing the SEC’s withering rebuttal, which seems to have amounted to, “Are you sure? Seems pretty clear to us.”  Read Guillermo’s learned opinion HERE.


How to buy Bitcoin. Oh, God. Tim’s been doing some “cornerstone content” again, hasn’t he? Honestly, I wish we were writing back in the old days, when were armed with little more than a sheet of papyrus, a quill pen and the certain knowledge that if we offended the Crown, we’d be flayed by nightfall.  No doubt aiming to elevate Decrypt’s SEO position on the steaming dogpile that is our fellow crypto sites, he’s written up a massive “guide” on “HOW TO BUY BITCOIN,” or something. KILL ME NOW. But first, READ it here!

Other stuff

Hola blockchain. Paraguay bought $7,100 worth of fumigation products from Argentina using Bitcoin, according to Cointelegraph. The extremely weird-sounding deal deal (like, WHY fumigation products? Why not illicit drugs?) was brokered by Bitex, “a Latin American financial services provider that supports Bitcoin payments.” This is significant because the deal was transacted in Bitcoin as an alternative to incumbent “SWIFT” banking system!

These opinions are not our own. LOL, as the olds say! Here are Jimmy Song’s three reasons why Craig Wright’s Bitcoin SV is a “scam”—succinctly condensed by zycrypto, the ONLY contender to Decrypt. 1. Wright’s own dubious history. 2. There’s “zero development” on the network. (Though this isn’t strictly true—Wright has mobilized resources for a fanciful “metanet” and claims to write at least 3,000-4,000 words of research a day.) 3. Song notes the bizarre relationship between Wright and billionaire gambling tycoon Calvin Ayre, who bankrolls Wright’s efforts and is routinely suspected of pumping SV’s price from his own pocket. Who SAYS the cryptoworld isn’t like high school?

The Chopping Block. Imagine using the tragic death of QuadrigaCX founder Gerald Cotten to plug a crypto-asset management company. Who would do that? No idea.

Written by Ben M, who is headed to New York City very soon now. Please send rude suggestions (and better, pics!) telling him what he should with himself there, to ben@decryptmedia.com


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