When Maisie Williams, aka Arya Stark, Badass of Winterfell, winner of the Game of Thrones (sorry, Bran), asked Twitter for investment advice yesterday, over 900,000 people responded.

Her question was simple and elegantly stated, with no need for capitalization (Bitcoin is capital): “should i go long on bitcoin ?” And the answer was clear.



But Maisie Williams isn’t one to just sit in a castle and let you tell her not to buy Bitcoin as its price quickly accelerates toward record highs. She doesn’t sit back and wait for the zombie economy to run its course. No, Maisie Williams wanted that BTC. So she bought it.

“thank you for the advice,” she declared to her throngs of potential new fans, who were anxious to embrace her as one of their own. “i bought some anyway.”

It’s hard to say whether the “anyway” was referring to the vote results or to the endless commentary she received from Bitcoin maximalists.

Like a true Bitcoiner, Maisie doesn’t care what other people think (unless they agree with her assessment that Bitcoin is going to $100K). Are vegetables necessary for a healthy diet? Maisie only eats meat now, thank you very much. Is mansplaining a thing? Only in Westeros.


Of course, she couldn’t have picked a better time to jump aboard (well, except for all the times the price of Bitcoin was well below $17,700, but never mind that). Bitcoin is on an epic bull run. A month ago, it was around $11,300. Now, it’s knockin on the door of $18,000, and the market cap just hit an all-time high today.

“Yes, we got Maisie,” a jubilant Pomp (maybe) thought to himself. “Now let’s get Jon Snow.”

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