In brief

  • BitInfoCharts' data shows that one 1 million Bitcoin addresses hold over $10,000 worth of Bitcoin.
  • The data also provides a full breakdown of Bitcoin distribution.
  • Grayscale Investments highlights Bitcoin's recent institutional appeal, picking up over 40,000 Bitcoin in the last month for its investors.

There are now more than one million wallets holding over $10,000 worth of Bitcoin, according to data provided by BitInfoCharts. This is on the back of Bitcoin's recent price rally.

At the time of writing, BitInfoCharts’ rich list puts the grand total of addresses that are richer than $10,000 at 1,095,150. 

BitInfoCharts' rich list. Image: BitInfoCharts

It is important to note that these figures do not necessarily mean there are over one million people holding over $10,000 worth of Bitcoin, as one individual can own multiple Bitcoin addresses. (But on the flip side, a lot of the Bitcoin held in the largest addresses is owned by multiple people holding funds on exchanges.) 


Nevertheless, this is a milestone figure for Bitcoin that has shot up in value in recent months largely due to a spike in the price of Bitcoin. In the last month, Bitcoin has risen from $10,700 to its current value of $15,630—a gain of 46%.

The figures not only show how many Bitcoin addresses exist in Bitcoin’s richest categories, but also how the famed cryptocurrency is distributed across more modest amounts of wealth. 

It remains the case that the vast majority of Bitcoin wallets—approximiately 16 million, or 48% of all wallets—hold somewhere between 0 and 0.0001 Bitcoin. A further 25% of Bitcoin holders hover just above this category, with 8 million wallets in possession of somewhere between 0.001 and 0.01 Bitcoin. 

Nevertheless, Bitcoin’s high net worth investors are already here. Over the last 30 days, Grayscale Investments has picked up over 40,000 Bitcoin, worth over $600 million, on behalf of its investors.

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