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  • Lightnite, a shooter video game developed by Satoshi'sGames, is now offering Bitcoin rewards to players.
  • Players can earn Bitcoin based on their performance in-game, or by trading in-game products.
  • The Lightnite initiative also includes a Trezor hardware wallet promotion.

Satoshi’sGames, a web-based gaming platform incorporating cryptocurrencies, has added Bitcoin rewards to Lightnite, a third-person shooter that wants to provide a fun way of using and earning crypto, according to a blog post. The developers have now included fifty special edition Trezor hardware wallets to the game for its users. 

Cryptocurrencies and gaming have become closely interlinked. With modern games like Apex Legends and Fortnite offering in-game purchases and customizable loot, organizations like Satoshi’sGames are trying to introduce Bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies, into the industry. Instead of asking players to spend hours earning in-game rewards, Lightnite gives gamers the change to earn Bitcoin on their down time. 

The best way for onboarding new masses into Bitcoin is the gaming sector,” Carlos Roldan, CEO and founder of Satoshi’sGames, told Decrypt


Lightnite players can earn Bitcoin as soon as they start playing. “Using the lightning network, you will earn a few satoshis as instantly as shooting an enemy player or winning a match, deducting the losses from their wallet,” Satoshi’sGames said. This technology also allows players to bypass network costs. 

A Bitcoin-powered Fortnite clone Lightnite lets gamers earn (and lose) Bitcoin as they play. Now unique game items are also tradable on the Liquid Network.
Lightnite is a video game that has integrated Bitcoin rewards using the Lightning network. Image: Lightnite.

As players progress through the game, new and exclusive content will become available. Gamers have the option of trading these goods in exchange for Bitcoin, in addition to earning the cryptocurrency with their skills. 

Lightnite also promises to be popular among the gaming community. As large titles like “EA’s Battlefront II chose to charge players for in-game rewards, Lightnite brings verifiable ownership to their community,” Satoshi’sGames added. 

A Trezor hardware wallet promotion

The Lightnite initiative also comes with a Trezor promotion. In addition to limited edition Trezor hardware wallets, a Trezor Lightnite bundle comes with an access code which, when activated, credits the player with $20 worth of Bitcoin.

“With the Trezor exclusive bundle, you will be given access to a number of Trezor-branded, in-game items, such as the Trezor hoverboard,” said Satoshi’sGames in a statement. These items, however, will only be available for users who have bought the limited-edition Trezor Model T hardware wallet.


Grinding for loot takes on a whole new meaning when Bitcoin is on the line.

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