The buck has to stop somewhere. For decentralized exchange Etherdelta it stopped at founder Zachary Coburn, who has been fined $388,000 by the SEC for operating an unregistered securities exchange. The SEC report indicated the exchange has processed more than 3.6 million trades over an 18-month period. Among those trades were ERC-20 tokens that the Commission classes as securities. Decentralized exchanges are designed so that no one authority can wield too much power, but there must be someone to take the blame it seems.

$388,000 fine for Etherdelta founder by SEC

Find a penny on the floor, pick it up? Or even better, find $25 in your wallet and keep it. Stellar, the cryptocurrency that wants to be decentralized but its keepers, the Stellar Foundation–which owns 75% of all available supply–has decided to give a bunch of it away. Those who use crypto wallet will receive even shares of a massive 480 million XLM airdrop, worth $125 million. Stellar claim it is trying to help it being used more. Well yes, it is quite hard for others to use when you have it all hoarded away.

Stellar airdrop of $125 million to wallet holders

Job seekers beware. A group of 5 hackers led by a 24-year-old hacker named Kim Amu-gae sent 32,435 emails to job applicants, pretending to be employers. Clearly the applicants were desperate for a job as 6,000 of them downloaded the malware within a 2-month period in 2017. These five men have since been arrested according to the Korean National Police Agency Cyber Bureau, who presumably would be out of a job--and vulnerable to such phishing attacks--if they failed to catch the culprits.

5 men in South Korea have been arested for crypto jacking 6,000 computers through emailing job seekers

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