DeFi is all the rage in crypto these days. DAOs, DEXs, yield farming, and liquidity markets are driving over $4 billion in growth in Ethereum. This Thursday’s Ethereal Sessions will focus on “cypherpunk governance” and how the communities overseeing the future of Ethereum's most respected protocols and applications are creating new ways to chart their future.

The free live-streamed event begins August 20th at 1 PM ET and will feature discussions by leaders in DeFi including Gareth Mensah, Head of Business Development at MCDEX, Yana Marakhonova, Community Lead at Akropolis, Cooper Turley, Editor at DeFi Rate, and Pet3r Pan (MetaCartel/MetaCartel Ventures) discussing the realization of cypherpunk governance being pioneered by leading teams on Ethereum and challenges they are working to overcome.

So what is “cypherpunk governance?” DeFi Rate’s Turley said the term refers to the new ways of collective decision making that are coming to the fore with DeFi. “In a world where yield has dominated governance, we need to find better ways to make users care about votes which shape multi-billion dollar financial primitives,” he said. “If not, we are no better off than where we failed in 2017.”


It’s a do-able goal, said Pet3r Pan, of MetaCartel Ventures, a for-profit DAO that funds early-stage DApps, DeFi projects, and interfaces. (He uses a pseudonym to protect his privacy.)

"Web 3 will enable the ultimate MMORPG that transcends entertainment or gaming, as a natural extension of everyday life, consuming the world," he said.

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This week’s Ethereal Sessions is sponsored by MCDEX, Akropolis, DeFi Rate, MetaCartel/MetaCartel Ventures, and Consensys (which funds Decrypt.)

Ethereal Sessions is an every-few-weekly series of virtual events that brings together builders and others interested in the decentralized future. Its goal is to examine how decentralized technology impacts peoples’ lives around the world. The sessions are recorded and available to the public for playback.


No registration is required. For more information, go to

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