In brief

  • Bitcoin zine Citadel21 has launched an episodic comic series called “Bulltardia.”
  • Hidden within the series is a 12-word seed phrase to a Bitcoin address.
  • Whomever figures out the seed phrase will gain access to 0.1 BTC.

Now here’s an interesting way to build up a following for your crypto-centric creation. Bitcoin cultural zine Citadel21 has just launched its third volume, and you could win actual BTC by reading it.

The issue currently has the first two episodes of a webcomic entitled “Bulltardia,” a Bitcoin-inspired fable. And hidden over the course of the complete story, which will release gradually in the months to come, is a 12-word seed phrase to access a stash of Bitcoin.


According to the publication, there is 0.1 BTC ($967 as of this writing)—or 10 million satoshis—available to whomever pieces together the seed phrase via clues from the webcomic.

The strikingly-illustrated story hails from artist Dim Zayan, and tells the tale of creatures oppressed by a fiat overlord. One day, however, the rebellious Honey Badger is sent on a journey by his father, Satoshi, to return the Moonstone (which has a familiar “B” icon) to its rightful home.

That’s just the beginning of the tale, and we’ll have to see how it unfolds in the coming episodes. For now, though, it’s an intriguing story with a compelling bonus in the form of a potential heap of satoshis available to readers.

Here’s one clue that they have provided so far: “The first key is one of the reasons the Honey Badger doesn't care.” Further clues will be provided by Zayan and Citadel21 via Twitter in the months ahead, so stay tuned if you want to follow this inventive crypto treasure hunt.

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