Crypto gaming startup Jungle announced Wednesday that it is developing its new mobile first-person shooter game For The Win (FTW) on the Solana blockchain, the firm shared exclusively with Decrypt’s GG.

For The Win is a speedy, team-based hero shooter that is currently in early alpha testing in South America, where it has attracted over 100,000 downloads in its first month of availability.

Jungle plans to utilize the Solana blockchain to implement features that reward players based on their in-game performance, aiming to incentivize user acquisition and benefit power users. The team pointed to Solana’s speed and user experience as key factors in the decision, per a press release.

"Our decision to build on Solana reflects our priority to deliver the best possible experience to our users," said Jungle co-founder and CEO Joao Beraldo. "Solana rose from the ashes of the bear market to cement itself as the dominant chain of this cycle. We are excited about the growth potential of the ecosystem and the opportunities it will unlock for game developers."

A screenshot from For The Win. Image: Jungle

Jungle also said that it is interested in launching For The Win on the next Solana smartphone, tentatively called Chapter 2, which is billed as a lower-cost successor to last year’s Solana Saga handset. It's due for release in 2025.

The team announced a $6 million seed funding round in early 2023, which was co-led by Bitkraft Ventures and Framework Ventures, with participation from Delphi Digital, 32bit Ventures, Karatage, Stateless Ventures, and others.

Editor’s note: This article was written with the assistance of AI. Edited and fact-checked by Andrew Hayward.

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