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TEA, a memecoin uniting the global tea lovers’ community on the blockchain, has recently closed its presale with $3.4 million raised in the first 10 minutes and a total of 38,888 SOL. The resounding success signifies a strong interest of the community in a new asset class – grocery-themed coins, ushering in the revolution in the memecoin landscape.

TEA-riffic Growth: A Next-Gen Solana Memecoin  

TEA is a meme token built on the Solana blockchain, designed to connect tea lovers worldwide and celebrate their shared passion. Millions of people on all continents enjoy drinking tea every day, and many of them are Web3 enthusiasts – this is why the idea of the TEA token has resonated so widely within the community.

The project gathered its communi-TEA in record time, attracting 3 million people to its social media in just a few days – a number rarely seen even in the Web3 segment, famous for its active audience. Steeping such popularity would be impossible for just another ordinary meme coin. TEA is more than that – it's a movement to support global sustainability and education initiatives through innovative DeFi mechanics.

The project’s compelling vision has secured a substantial audience and numerous partnerships poised to aid its long-term development. Those include MemeFi, WormFare, Gotbit, CashCoin, SpinnerCoin, AVACOIN, and many others. Gil Petersil, a global thought leader and mastermind expert, has become the Global Ambassador of the TEA. Top-tier crypto decentralized and centralized exchanges will soon likely be able to serve us TEA as the project announces its plan to list on major platforms.

Unique Blend of Features

TEA offers a rich bouquet of features, shaping a strong economy with multiple incentives for the users. 

  • Staking & Farming: TEA lovers can grow their holdings and earn rewards using staking and other mechanics. The longer one’s staking period is, the more they get. 
  • Burning Mechanism: TEA plans to burn parts of its token supply to increase scarcity, drive long-term price sustainability, and support monthly charitable raffles. 
  • Tap-Tea Game: A community-driven tap-to-win game will offer numerous rewards in the offline world.

In addition to DeFi mechanics, the project introduces a variety of activities in the physical world. Through global initia-TEA-ves, users can engage in worldwide efforts to promote sustainable tea farming and education and participate in environmental programs in tea-growing regions. Community members can enjoy exclusive TEA varieties through lifetime subscriptions to the newest and rarest teas, embark on Bali tea trips, and much more.

The combination of online and offline ventures helped TEA rapidly gain prominence with its record-breaking presale and strong community engagement. Beyond its innovative DeFi features, TEA fosters a global movement among tea lovers, supported by robust partnerships and initiatives promoting sustainability and education. With unique incentives like staking, burning mechanisms, and real-world activities, TEA aims to redefine the memecoin landscape and create lasting value for its diverse community worldwide.

About TEA 

TEA is an innovative meme token on Solana that combines top-notch DeFi mechanics with global sustainability initiatives for the world’s community of tea lovers. With an unparalleled resonance in the crypto landscape, the project brought in a 3M community in just a few days and raised $3.5M in 10 minutes during its presale. The unique blend of on-chain incentives and offline charity initiatives defines the project's rapid growth as well as its long-term vision.

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