Mobile game Bitcoin Miner, one of the most prominent play-to-earn games that pays out real Bitcoin while you play, has launched a new kind of limited-time event that’s available for approximately the next 24 hours as of this writing.

The midweek “Diggy” event puts riffs on the other kind of mining—no, not mining cryptocurrency with a hyper-powered computer, but instead digging into the earth to uncover resources. It’s another kind of side diversion from the mostly idle main game, giving you something different to do while earning more Bitcoin and other useful in-game items.

Diggy first debuted two weeks back, and is planned to be a weekly occurrence similar to how the game always features some kind of rocket-building weekend event.

Fumb Games skipped last week’s event to address some bugs and refine the mode, but has brought it back starting today to give players a little something different from the usual mining experience.


In Diggy, you’ll use your limited number of moves at any given time to dig straight down into the earth. Since you don’t have unlimited moves, you’ll want to prioritize breaking blocks that give you resources—like upgrade points to speed you along, or pickaxes to give you more moves. And then when you regenerate more pickaxes, you can come back and dig even deeper.

Screenshots from Bitcoin Miner's weekly "Diggy" event. Image: Decrypt

There’s a very light strategic component to it, but don’t fret: Like the rest of Bitcoin Miner, most of the experience is extremely straightforward, and is simply meant to serve as an amusing crypto-themed distraction that pays out satoshis here and there. (A satoshi is the smallest unit of Bitcoin, or 1/100,000,000 BTC.)

Diggy was born out of the results of a Twitter poll late last year that asked players what they most wanted to see added, according to Paul West, the founder and CEO of Fumb Games. In the poll, players voted for a new way to earn, above all, and a new type of event as the second most-requested option—so Diggy is an attempt to satisfy both desires from the player base.

Beyond the bits of Bitcoin that you’ll earn for playing, players who save the pixelated Piggy Jr. character from the bottom of the mine will gain a 10-20% in-game coin earnings boost for the following week.


If you’re already in the habit of tapping daily in Bitcoin Miner on iOS or Android, then it’s well worth diverting some of that time into the Diggy game over the next day. It’s a little something different that can juice your next week of play, as well.

Edited by Stacy Elliott.

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