Austin, USA, May 28th, 2024, the official Level 1 (L1) partner of SwissBorg, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with Zama to integrate Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) into its Web3 Identity Stack. This partnership marks the dawn of an era defined by user-centric decentralized applications (dApps) empowered by persistent private identities.

Empowering Secure and Private Data Computation

FHE enables computations on encrypted data, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure throughout the process. This cutting-edge technology, combined with ZKPs and other protocol primitives allows for selective proofs over an individual's private data, all while maintaining privacy. Additionally, GuardianNodes facilitate the verification and integration of data across on-chain, cross-chain, and off-chain environments into a unified web3 footprint - the basic building block of all DeSoc use cases. 

Creating Persistent Private Identities and Augmented Reputations

By leveraging these advanced technologies, provides users with the ability to create persistent private identities and build augmented reputations. This new paradigm allows dApps to adapt to each individual user's reputation, which is based on the data the user chooses to share. This approach significantly enhances the accuracy and efficiency of peer-to-peer marketing and data markets and unlocks the universe of DeSoc use-cases. 

Unlocking New Use Cases

The integration of FHE and other privacy-preserving technologies opens up a multitude of innovative use cases, including:

  • Data Training for Large Language Models (LLM)
  • Reputation Augmented DeFi & SocialFi (RADeFi)
  • SoulDrops (Reputation Augmented Airdrops)
  • Dynamic Launchpads
  • New Credit Derivatives
  • The merger of TradiFi assets into DeFi
  • And more. 

Transforming the Web3 Landscape for Users and Builders

The Web3 Identity Stack not only redefines the user experience but also provides builders with the tools to develop dApps that meet local compliance requirements throughout the development process. This transformative capability ensures that dApps are both innovative and compliant, setting a new standard in the Web3 ecosystem.

About is a leading platform dedicated to advancing Web3 technologies and enabling secure, user-centric decentralized applications. In partnership with SwissBorg, is at the forefront of creating innovative solutions that empower users and builders alike.

Zama is a cryptography company building open-source homomorphic encryption solutions for blockchain and AI. Their technology enables a broad range of privacy-preserving use cases, from confidential smart contracts to encrypted machine learning and privacy-preserving cloud applications. 


Alexander Kalen

Disclaimer: Press release sponsored by our commercial partners.

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