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TEXITcoin announced the launch of its first liquidity pool for its digital currency, $TXC. The pool is the first of many that will provide more liquidity and access to TXC and the TEXITcoin blockchain. The initial pair will be $TXC/$USDT and is slated to go live on May 15th, 2024, exclusively on

TEXITcoin's inception is a bold statement in the sprawling landscape of cryptocurrency, inspired by Texans' relentless pursuit of independence through the centuries. Just as the heroes of the past fought valiantly for their right to forge their own destiny, TEXITcoin and the $TXC currency emerge as a modern testament to this enduring spirit of freedom, embodying the rise of the TXC Blockchain in the digital era.

In a world where the cryptocurrency market has often been criticized as a playground for the elite, TEXITcoin stands apart.

It rekindles the original vision of cryptocurrency – to offer an honest, people-driven alternative to traditional financial systems.

For Texas, by Texans

At its core, TEXITcoin is more than just a cryptocurrency. It is a movement that aligns with the mission to democratize finance and offers a beacon of hope for those who seek a fairer economic system. The launch of the $TXC/$USDT liquidity pair is a technical milestone and a declaration of the digital age's possibilities when aligned with equity, freedom, and community values.

The trading pair's debut on represents the first step in TEXITcoin’s ambitious roadmap.

The platform was chosen for its robust security features and commitment to fostering a transparent, fair trading environment. This launch invites individuals worldwide to participate in a historical moment, bridging centuries-old values with infinite possibilities.

Further emphasizing its commitment to community and independence, TEXITcoin invites all who share in the vision of a decentralized, equitable financial future to join TEXITcoin's groundbreaking venture.

Together, TEXITcoin and the users supporting it can redefine what it means to be financially independent in the digital age, honoring the legacy of those who fought for freedom and paving the way for a future built on the principles of honesty, fairness, and unity.

About TEXITcoin

Founded by Bobby Gray, a visionary with decades of experience in the precious metals market, TEXITcoin symbolizes a new chapter in the evolution of cryptocurrency. It’s a protocol inspired by the Texan spirit of independence and resistance against centralized control.

With its launch $TXC, aims to restore cryptocurrency to its original purpose: providing a genuine alternative to traditional financial systems and empowering individuals worldwide.

Engaging in the digitized economy with the velocity required today, TEXITcoin is committed to championing "honest money for the people, by the people" and establishing itself as the cornerstone of a civil society where trade and value exchange flourish freely.

To learn more about this project, users can visit TEXITcoin.


Jamie Kingsley

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