In brief

  • Weiss Ratings Agency says "ETH is where it's at"
  • It comes after a week of debate prompted by Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano
  • Recently, Weiss has been bullish on Ethereum and its related projects on Twitter.

Weiss Crypto Ratings, a US-based ratings agency has come out overwhelmingly in favor of Ethereum on Twitter.

The tweet comes in response to an ongoing debate initiated by Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano on March 2 who stated in his newsletter that the concept that "ETH is money is fundamentally flawed."

Pompliano's newsletter disagrees with the concept that "Eth is money".

Crypto being crypto, the argument had proponents on both sides of the fence arguing for and against the statement. Brad Laurie, a crypto YouTuber used a video from Andreas Antonopoulos to prove why Pompliano was wrong.

Udi Wertheimer, the co-host of the Reckless Review podcast countered by saying the very same video supported Pompliano's view rather than critiqued it. What fun.

But while these sorts of debates wage on ad-infinitum, Weiss Ratings felt compelled to enter the fray. Historically, the Twitter account belonging to the agency shares news on crypto regulation and highlights good and bad practice by projects across the space. More recently however, it appears to be warming towards Ethereum and the various projects being built on the network.


Just 24 hours prior to tweeting "ETH is where it's at", Weiss came out to say that DAI is "still the most exciting stablecoin, and it's strange how people are not paying more attention to it. DAI is a blueprint for what money could be in the future."

Could Weiss be eyeing up the network for an upgrade in its ratings? At present, Ethereum currently shares the same rank as Bitcoin when it comes to how good an overall investment the project is.

Weiss ranks crypto. IMAGE: Weiss Crypto Ratings

However, Bitcoin pips Ethereum to the top spot thanks to its overall market performance: Weiss rates Bitcoin's risk and momentum as "fair" whereas Ethereum's. is labeled "weak".  Is there a change in the wind?

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