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Partnership between Rowan Energy, a trailblazer in the decentralised physical infrastructure (DePIN) sector, and ESE Solar, leading UK solar panel installer has already seen over 1,600 SmartMiners installed across the country.

The partnership has paved the way for decentralised energy architecture to seep into our everyday lives and improve our infrastructure from the ground up.

Energy Validation with Layer 1 Blockchain

Rowan Energy operates as a Layer 1 blockchain, utilizing a unique "proof of generation" consensus mechanism. Network validation is contingent on renewable energy generation. The company's SmartMiners - otherwise referred to as Carbon Offset Monitors meticulously track and record energy production from residential solar panels across the United Kingdom. DePIN has emerged as a new alternative to building and maintaining physical infrastructures, with use cases ranging from solar to AI and beyond.

A Partnership to Shift the Energy Landscape

This strategic alliance underlines a shared vision between Rowan Energy and ESE Solar to reshape the energy industry. But why did Rowan Energy choose to partner with ESE Solar?

A number of years ago ESE solar was caught off-guard by an unfortunate set of circumstances that changed everything for them.

Back then the company was going through a huge growth spurt and to support its expanding sales team, ESE solar hired a small handful of self-employed subcontractors to work under the umbrella of “ESE Services Ltd”. These individuals abused ESE’s trust and distributed unauthorised marketing material to homeowners which led to legal complications and an unfair reflection on ESE’s otherwise sterling reputation.

Despite all individuals eventually being found not guilty, ESE Solar was determined to never allow this to happen again and implemented the strictest procedures the solar industry has seen from a distributor. These stringent protocols enabled ESE Solar to rebuild their reputation, and become a powerhouse turning over 8 figures a year.

Rowan Energy was beyond impressed by the company’s processes and can safely say they are now head and shoulders above the 50 other distributors they analysed and interviewed. This was exactly what Rowan Energy needed. The year 2023 was a testament to ESE’s operational achievements where they received the “Solar Installer Of The Year” award in the UK. It is this tenacity that Rowan Energy acknowledges and values in a strategic partner.

On top of a strong reputation in the renewable energy sector, ESE Solar boasts a Flexi-orb licence, IWA certification, tens of thousands of maintenance customers and enjoys an excellent Trustpilot rating of 4.8 out of 5 with over 4000 positive reviews since the integral transformation. This recent evolution makes ESE Solar the ideal partner for Rowan Energy's mission.

Paving the Way for Decentralized Energy Adoption

The partnership carries profound implications for the future of DePIN and tokenized real-world assets (RWA). By merging Rowan Energy's innovative blockchain technology with ESE Solar’s distribution expertise, the two entities are poised to propel the adoption of decentralized energy projects, and utilise the tech for the benefit of consumers. This partnership showcases the potential of tokenized real-world assets (in this case Solar Energy) as proof of energy generation to validate the network.

In line with its forward-looking strategy, Rowan Energy is forging strategic partnerships to amplify its impact in the energy industry. The prominent partnership with ESE Solar, one of the UK's leading solar companies, is set to aid the distribution of 26,000 SmartMiners in the upcoming year. This strategic alliance holds the potential for sales revenue, emphasising Rowan's pivotal role in the rapidly expanding solar market, which has witnessed a remarkable 70% growth since 2021.

Empowering Homeowners With SmartMiners

The SmartMiner, a vital part of Rowan Energy's ecosystem, serves as both a smart meter and a crypto miner. It diligently tracks renewable energy production from residential solar installations and rewards homeowners with cashback. Users receive £0.10 for every kilowatt-hour of energy generated, potentially accumulating up to £2 per day for the average user.

Surplus energy will be sold via the Rowan Blockchain using a peer-to-peer energy trading platform, offering an additional income stream for households. This not only boosts customer earnings but also ensures quick, permissionless payment. The cashback rewards are integral to Rowan's broader Rewards Program, focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting sustainable energy use.

Rowan Energy has introduced a tokenization system that transforms energy production into digital assets. This process converts generated energy into NFT Carbon Offset Certificates stored on the Rowan Blockchain, bridging renewable energy and digital currency.

While solar owners are paid in Pounds or Pence, Rowan Coin (RWN) plays a central role in this tokenization. It supports rewards for eco-friendly energy generation, encouraging sustainable practices. RWN's value and role underscore its importance in fostering sustainable energy solutions.

Rewarding Sustainable Energy

Rowan Energy's unique systems architecture gives individuals the opportunity to earn rewards from their solar panels by participating in the network's validation. Rowan’s solar cash-back offers tangible rewards for those contributing to the network's validation, a unique and rewarding experience to solar panel owners throughout the UK.

Over 1,600 SmartMiners are already installed, and with the UK's expected 2 million solar-equipped homes, there's substantial growth potential. Rowan appeals not only to crypto enthusiasts but also to everyday homeowners looking to improve their energy systems, subsidise their investment into solar and increase energy control.

Rowan's long-term vision includes introducing energy certificates for electric vehicles, expanding their green incentives. This showcases how Rowan applies blockchain technology in the real world, delivering benefits that go beyond the digital economy and contribute to tangible environmental progress.

This partnership announcement signifies a turning point in the energy sector, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and the ability of organizations to learn, evolve, and adapt. Rowan Energy and ESE Solar invite all stakeholders to join them on this journey toward a sustainable and brighter energy future.

For more information, Users can visit Rowan Energy's website or ESE Group's website.

About Rowan Energy

Rowan Energy is a pioneer in the decentralized physical infrastructure (DePIN) sector. Their innovative blockchain, complemented by SmartMiners, enables the validation and monitoring of energy generation from residential solar panels, making decentralized energy accessible and rewarding.

About ESE Solar

ESE Solar is a distinguished solar installer in the UK, committed to delivering high-quality solar panel installations. With a dedication to sustainability and continuous improvement, ESE Solar is a forward-thinking partner in the journey toward decentralized energy infrastructure. They act as Rowan Energy’s exclusive wholesaler to control the flow of SmartMiners entering the open market. ESE markets the SmartMiner as a “Carbon Offset Monitor” which is aptly named after our NFT carbon offset certificates.


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Rowan Energy
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